Associated Press Reporter & Far-Left Activists Explode in Defense of Xi Jinping.

Journalists for the Associated Press are on a mission to convince readers that China is pro-Christmas, while universities across the nation continue to tell students that this is a “foreign” holiday and ex-pats are told it is not recognized in China. It’s true that some colleges in China have in the past few years told students not to hold Christmas events (as they are deemed “foreign”). But insinuating that Christmas trees are banned in China is just silly. — Dake Kang (@dakekang) December 12, 2021 Christmas is not a public holiday in China and the Chinese Communist Party aggressively

Yahoo, AP Lied About Gaetz-Greene Rally Size… Compared it to January 6th!?

Almost 3,500 attendees attempted to gain entry into the Gaetz-Greene rally in Mesa, Arizona last Friday, but “reporters” David Knowles (Yahoo News) and Jonathan J. Cooper (Associated Press) personally decided to lie about the matter to their audiences. Their demonstrably false reporting has led to other news outlets repeating the same lies about the crowd size at the Delta by Marriott in Mesa. Despite a targeted attempt by the far-left, pedophile-founded Lincoln Project to inundate the rally with fake attendees, organizers and attendees declared the event a raging success, with a capacity crowd of 1200 inside the ballroom, and thousands