Leaked Docs Reveal Chinese Government-Backed Firm’s Deal To Build Island Off Coast Of Australia

A Chinese company proposed a nearly $40 billion project to construct an island less than 150 miles away from the northern tip of Australia. It’s “likely to make Australian national security analysts nervous,” the Daily Mail notes given the island’s proximity to Australia: The proposal, revealed via leaked documents, would lead to a city constructed by Chinese Communist Party-backed WYW Holding Limited on Daru Island in Papua New Guinea. The island would include a seaport, industrial zone, commercial business precinct as well as resorts and residential sectors. “Under the proposal for New Daru City, the potential deal would be predicated on an

Aussie PM Claps Back at Google after Big Tech Giant Threatens Australia

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison fired back at Google after threats to remove its search engine from the country if the government passed legislation requiring the company to compensate news organizations it share content from.  Speaking on Friday after the National Cabinet meeting, the Prime Minister said that Google wouldn’t blackmail the Australian government into adopting any specific policy: Let me be clear. Australia makes our rules for things you can do in Australia. That’s done in our parliament. It’s done by our government, and that’s how things work here in Australia. And people who want to work with that,

Chinese Developer Bans ALL Australians From Australian Island

Following a Chinese Communist Part-linked company’s purchase of an Australian island, the Beijing-based firm has banned Australian residents and tourists from visiting the island. The developer, China Bloom, purchased a 99-year lease on Keswick Island in 2019 and is now “trying to stop Aussies from even setting foot on the public beach,” according to local reports. “Keep out” signs now plaster the island, including its famed national park, and Aussie residents have been forced to vacate. Residents and tourists are also banned from docking near the island. Tourism, the economic lifeline of the island, has also come to a complete

Aussie Fury As CCP Publishes Fake War Crime Images

A Chinese Communist Party official’s Twitter account shared an image depicting an Australian soldier murdering an Afghan child, prompting outrage from Australians. The tweet, shared by foreign ministry spokesman Lijian Zhao, contains a fake image depicting an Australian soldier wielding a bloody knife adjacent to a child holding a lamb. In response, the country’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison remarked Beijing should be “utterly ashamed” for sharing the “repugnant” image. “The Chinese government should be totally ashamed of this post. It diminishes them in the world’s eyes. It is a false image and terrible slur on our defence forces,” he added.

WATCH: Kassam Debunks ‘Headstrong’ Media Declaring Biden President, Cites ‘Plethora Of Evidence’ for Fraud

National Pulse Editor-in-Chief Raheem Kassam joined Sky News Australia to discuss the “plethora of evidence” corroborating claims that Democrats fixed the presidential election in favor of Joe Biden. Kassam chronicled the copious amounts of evidence pointing towards election fraud in states such as Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Georgia. In the clip below, the British-born reporter and analyst walks through the various avenues Democrats could have manipulated election results, citing “anomalies in how votes were collected” and “anomalies in how mail-in ballots were set aside.” He also emphasized some votes were “counted when they shouldn’t have been.” Kassam slammed establishment media outlets

Australian Reporter For Chinese State Media Detained Without Charge In China

Cheng Lei, an Australian anchor for Chinese Communist Party-run media outlet China Global Television Network, has been detained by Chinese officials for weeks despite no apparent charge. Currently being held under “residential surveillance at a designated location,” Cheng’s arrest comes amidst tensions between Australia and China which have dramatically increased following COVID-19. After Australian officials demanded an inquiry into the source of the virus, the Chinese Communist Party sought retribution by placing tariffs on agricultural imports, halting purchases of Australian beef, and cracking down on imports including wine. Tensions between the two countries, however, had been souring since at least