COVID Positive? In South Korea, You Might Be Barred From Voting.

Individuals forced to quarantine at-home due to COVID-19 may be unable to vote in South Korea’s upcoming presidential election. “Concerns are mounting over whether COVID-19 patients will be unable to cast their votes for the 20th presidential election, as those confirmed with the virus after the mail-in ballot registration period may be unable to report to voting booths on March 9,” explained the Korea Herald. The country’s National Election Commission has a five-day window where it’s accepting applications for mail-in ballots, which are available to COVID-19 patients housed in treatment centers and those in isolation or self-quarantine. “Those who register within

Misprints In Over 14,000 Mail-In Ballots Causes Multi-Day Delay In PA Election Results.

Thousands of mail-in primary ballots in a Pennsylvania election contained errors rendering them unable for scanning, forcing officials to launch a multi-day hand count of the votes. “Elections officials said Michigan Elections Resources printed multi-sheet ballots in the wrong order, so the scanners are rejecting those ballots,” local media in Lancaster Country reported. Discovered on Tuesday in the early morning, the error affected 14,000 mail-in ballots and will take three to four days to rectify. “Those are being put in bins by themselves, the rejected bins. They will be put in a secure location and then hopefully starting Friday, as

BREAKING: PA County Judge Says Republican Ballots Cannot Be Scanned.

A Pennsylvania county is experiencing issues scanning Republican ballots during local elections and primary races, according to officials.  “Chris Varney, Judge of Elections says they were initially under the impression that it was a problem with all ballots, but then determined it was only a problem with Republican ballots,” local news reported. The election official was unaware how many other precincts were experiencing the same issue, but noted it was occurring in numerous locations across Fayette County. The Fayette County Bureau of Elections confirmed the reports of precincts across the county rendered unable to scan ballots. “The solution provided by

Voters Mailed Ballots With Incorrect Names, Faulty Instructions For Completion.

A municipal election in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania is experiencing a mix-up with thousands of mail-in ballots. Of the 25,500 mail-in ballots requested so far, 2,700 have contained instructions meant for a different county. “They said that their instructions told them they did not need to pay for postage. However their return envelope said they did need to pay for postage,” Chief clerk and chief registrar of the Lancaster County Board of Elections and Registration Commission Christa Miller said. The county attributes the mistake to the vendor Michigan Election Resources, which also sent ballots containing return envelopes with names differing from the

Woman Charged With Falsifying Over A Dozen Mail-In Ballots.

A campaign volunteer for a Cherokee Nation election in Oklahoma was charged with mail-in ballot fraud. The Cherokee Nation Attorney General’s filed one charge of election fraud and one charge of false personation against Lisa Cookson, a volunteer for a Tribal Council candidate in District Two, on May 3rd. Cookson is charged with “fraudulently filling out and signing absentee ballot request forms without the knowledge or consent of voters,” and while the investigation is ongoing, over 15 fraudulent ballots have already been identified. According to the tribe’s Attorney General Sara Hill, “the Cherokee Nation takes these charges very seriously.” “It is

Officials Investigating Mail-In Ballots Cast By Deceased Individuals In 2020 Election.

Officials in Washington are investigating nearly 20 fraudulent mail-in ballots cast in the 2020 general election. Authorities from the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) are investigating the ballots believed to have been filed under the names of deceased individuals. The Washington Secretary of State is also involved in the case. Of the 17 ballots flagged for fraudulent activity, eight were caught by election officials in November and nine more were discovered in January. “All ballots in question were filed by voters later found to be dead,” a local news outlet summarized.

Man Admits To Mail-In Ballot Fraud In 2020 Election.

A Florida man admitted to authorities he engaged in mail-in ballot fraud in the 2020 election. “Allegedly, the father voted the son’s mail ballot,” Seminole County Supervisor of Elections Chris Anderson revealed in reference to 68-year-old Roland Bauer. Florida authorities said a man who moved out of the state seven years ago reported that someone posing as him requested, received, and submitted a ballot. Bauer initially denied the charges, he eventually told investigators, “Yes, I basically got the thing, and I voted, but it didn’t make a difference.” “I got the ballot and filled it out. I think I did

Election Audit Reveals Irregularities for 1 in 14 Mail-In Votes Cast.

An audit of mail-in ballots cast in Montana for the 2020 presidential election reveals a host of irregularities including evidence that “one or several persons may have filled out and submitted multiple ballots” and the failure of a county elections office to provide video footage of vote-counting.  “The story at hand begins during the pandemic summer of 2020, when the then-governor, Democrat Steve Bullock, issued a directive permitting counties to conduct the general election fully by mail,” John Lott, a noted crime and gun researcher, begins. Lott, also a Senior Adviser for Research and Statistics at the Office of Justice

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