REVEALED: Dominion/Smartmatic ‘Noncompete’ Agreement Emerges Despite Claims of Being ‘Fierce Competitors’

Despite the insistence between Dominion Voting Systems and Smartmatic – two of the tech firms embroiled in election glitch allegations – that the pair are “fierce competitors,” court documents analyzed by The National Pulse actually reveal the pair actually have a “noncompetition” agreement. According to the summary of law firm Potter Anderson Corroon, in 2009, Dominion was a defendant in a 2009 suit against Smartmatic: “The license agreement contained a noncompetition provision, which, among other things, prohibited Smartmatic from “develop[ing], market[ing] or sell[ing] any Licensed Product in the United States.” In other words, it would be illegal for the two

Up to 100,000 Republican Ballots Defrauded in PA, Claims Sworn Statement

In a sworn statement, esteemed mathemetician Steven Miller raised red flags about nearly 100,000 Republican-requested absentee ballots in the state of Pennsylvania. At the moment, the two candidates – President Trump and Joe Biden – are separated by a margin of roughly 82,000 votes. The whistleblower, Williams College Professor Steven Miller, who is also a Yale University and Princeton University trained math expert, analyzed data from the former Trump campaign data chief Matt Braynard and thousands of voter interviews. “I estimate that the number of ballots that were either requested by someone other than the registered Republican or requested and

Pair Submitted Over 8,000 Fraudulent Ballot Applications For Homeless People

Two California residents – including a Mayoral candidate – were charged with voter fraud for submitting nearly 10,000 fraudulent ballot applications on behalf of homeless people. Carlos Antonio De Bourbon Montenegro, who tried to run for mayor in Hawthorne, is among the pair that submitted more than 8,000 fraudulent voter registration applications between July and October. The candidate also falsified names, addresses and signatures on nomination papers for his campaign. The indictment alleges that he, co-defendant Marcos Raul Arevalo, “and other unknown co-conspirators” used three post office boxes “as mailing addresses for over 8,000 voter registration applications for fictitious, non-existent

Recount In Single Georgia County Starts Reversing Biden Lead, Nets Nearly 800 More Votes For Trump

A recount of Georgia’s election results led to a reassessment of more than 2,600 ballots in one county, leading to a net gain of 778 votes. The recount, which occurred in Floyd County, discovered nearly 2,600 ballots that hadn’t been tallied and helped to erase Joe Biden’s 14,000-vote lead in the critical state. Of the 2,600 ballots, 1,643 new votes for Trump and 865 went for Biden. A recount in Georgia’s presidential race found more than 2,600 ballots in Floyd County that hadn’t originally been tallied, likely helping President Donald Trump reduce his 14,000-vote deficit to Joe Biden. According to officials, the problem occurred


CORTES: The Statistical Case Against Biden’s Win

Statistics continue to cast real doubt on the probability of a President Trump loss in the election. The statistical case is, admittedly, circumstantial rather than conclusive. But the numbers also firmly point to the intense improbability of the accuracy of the present Biden lead. The statistical case provides more than enough reasonable suspicion to require hand recounts and immediate investigation into fraudulent activities, including the new damning revelations of on-the-record whistleblowers. There are four key elements to the numerical thesis: 1. Turnout  Clearly, high turnout was expected in an intensely political year with vastly expanded access to mail-in voting. But

Portland Man Arrested In Ballot Selling Scheme

A man in Portland, Oregon was arrested for attempting to sell his ballot via an app for $200. According to local reports: “A Portland man is facing felony charges for allegedly trying to sell his ballot. Court documents state that Josiah Bridges tried to sell his ballot for $200 last month through the Offerup app. The 22-year-old Bridges got an offer from an undercover law enforcement officer for $115. Court records show he signed the ballot upon the agent’s request, however, authorities say he was not forced to sign it before taking the money.” READ MORE HERE.

Authorities Find Dozens Of Mail-In Ballots Never Delivered To Voters

Dozens of undelivered mail-in ballots were discovered by authorities in the critical swing state of Florida. According to the Miami Herald: “Special agents with the U.S. Postal Service Office of Inspector General discovered 48 pieces of election mail sitting in a post office in South Miami-Dade County on Friday, the office announced Saturday morning. Forty-two of them were ballots that had not yet been delivered to voters, officials said, while the other six had already been filled out and were brought to the Miami-Dade supervisor of elections Friday night. The agents “combed through every bit” of mail sitting at the

‘Destroy Trump Ballots’ Demands NYT, Atlantic Mag Writer

A writer at the Intercept – the leftist news site from which founder Glenn Greenwald recently resigned over pro-Biden bias – has tweeted in favor of “destroying Trump ballots” a number of times. Jon Schwarz, who is also published at mainstream outlets including The New York Times and The Atlantic, also advocates for illegal immigrants to vote repeatedly in presidential elections. Schwarz identifies himself as an alum of filmmaker Michael Moore’s Dog Eat Dog Films and “a research producer for Moore’s “Capitalism: A Love Story.” “He’s contributed to many publications, including the New Yorker, the New York Times, The Atlantic, the