BBC Hosts CCP Linked-Professor to Defend Uyghur Genocide.

BBC hosted Jeffrey Sachs, a professor with extensive ties to the Chinese Communist Party, to defend the Chinese Communist Party’s actions against Uyghurs in Xinjiang province. “Economist @JeffDSachs says China’s human rights abuses in Xinjiang should not prevent the US from engaging with China, considering the US’ own “human rights violations” abroad and at home,” BBC’s Newsnight program summarized on Twitter. Sachs’s comments, which align with narratives pushed by Chinese state-run media outlets and party officials, follow a National Pulse exposé revealing Sachs’s ties to Chinese firms such as Huawei and United Front influence groups including CEFC China Energy and

China Bans BBC after U.K. Strips CGTN License

Chinese Communist Party-run media outlet Global Times announced that BBC World News would be banned from airing in the country for “falsified reporting.” The move comes less than a week after Britain’s top media regulator revoked the broadcasting license for China Global Television Network (CGTN) – another state-run media outlet. Global Times tweeted on February 11th that the BBC’s Beijing Bureau had engaged in a “slew of falsified reporting on issues including Xinjiang and China’s handling of COVID19.” China will not allow the broadcast of BBC World News in Chinese mainland after the broadcaster did a slew of falsified reporting on issues including

BBC Partnered With Tech Firm Flagged As ‘Tool’ Of Chinese Government

Tencent, a Chinese Communist Party-linked tech firm, has worked with BBC on a host of flagship shows. “Experts today expressed further concern at Tencent’s relationship with another leading British institution after it emerged that the BBC has signed a string of deals with the Chinese company since 2016 to co-produce a litany of the broadcaster’s flagship shows, including Sir David’s Blue Planet II,” The Telegraph noted. Other collaborative ventures include a three-year partnership with Tencent to co-produce and distribute “content-rich documentaries” such as Sir David’s natural history show Dynasties. “Last year, the BBC signed another deal with Tencent to co-produce Seven

BBC Presenter Admits 40 Sex Offenses, Including ‘Sexual Activity With a Child’, Assaults, and Making Indecent Videos of Children

A former BBC presenter, Benjamin David Thomas, has admitted to carrying out 40 sex offenses, a number of them against minors, over the course of 30 years. Thomas, who was most recently was a preacher at the Criccieth Family Church in North Wales, U.K., admitted to a slew of offenses when he appeared at Mold Crown Court on Friday: 10 counts of sexual activity with a child 8 counts of sexual assault 4 attempts to commit sexual assault 9 indecent assaults 7 counts of voyeurism 2 counts of making indecent videos of children The offenses took place over the course

EXC: BBC Journalists Now Employed By Chinese State Media

China Global Television Network – the Chinese Communist Party’s go-to propaganda machine which has repeatedly breached the United Kingdom’s media regulator’s impartiality standards – employs several former British Broadcasting Corporation correspondents and anchors, The National Pulse can reveal. This follows The National Pulse exposing a similar relationship between the Chinese state media operation and U.S. establishment outlet CNN. The British government’s Office of Communications (Ofcom), responsible for regulating the country’s broadcast media, ruled that the China Global Television Network (CGTN) breached impartiality standards with its coverage of Hong Kong protests on five occasions in “a serious failure of compliance.” Ofcom

BBC Uses Coronavirus to Stop Viewers Cancelling Their ‘Licence Fee’ Payment

As a result of the coronavirus lockdown, the publicly-funded British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has closed down the part of its website that allows members of the publicto opt out. At a time when trust in Britain’s effective state broadcaster is at an all-time low, and people are trying to cut unnecessary spending from their household budgets, the ‘Beeb’ is refusing to allow cancellations of Britain’s much-derided “television licence”. Although it is now impossible to cancel a TV licence on the BBC’s website., it is not impossible to buy a new one. The coronavirus doesn’t appear to have affected that function.

BBC Unleashes Gender Propaganda in English Schools

The BBC has unleashed a flagship of ideological imperialism on the schools of England. By a series of videos intended to indoctrinate teachers and students alike in the vagaries of gender ideology, citizens are being coerced to believe that there are 100 genders and that to disagree may land you in prison. This tyrannical episode gives new dimensions to the fable “The Emperor’s New Clothes.” Instead of mere swindling weavers coming to weave an invisible set of clothes, we have swindling gods coming to create a new reality. Instead of being found stupid and unfit for your station if you