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Saul Alinsky remains the man the right most perennially loves to hate. Somewhere in Heaven — or Hell — Alinsky’s surely enjoying a fine laugh. Dr. Ben Carson, in his speech before the GOP Convention, departed from his prepared remarks. He extemporaneously added a riff on Saul Alinsky. He debuted this right wing crowd-pleaser in […]

Townhall‘s Cortney O’Brien provides an interesting report on Dr. Ben Carson’s keynote address to the recent Faith and Freedom Coalition gala. It is headlined “Carson: We Need To Inform People About Hillary Clinton’s Radical Hero.” Therein she reports: A good introductory lesson, he noted, would be by magnifying presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s radical history. “We need to […]

Despite officially suspending his campaign at CPAC in March, Ben Carson had a major impact on Tuesday’s New York primary. Even after his endorsement of Donald Trump, Carson has recently made statements that some have interpreted as pro-Cruz sentiments. However, after Tuesday’s primary, Carson has effectively laid to rest any doubts about his loyalty to […]

Dr. Ben Carson, the most dignified of candidates, endorses Donald Trump, the least dignified man on the national stage: “He’s actually a very intelligent man who cares deeply about America,” Carson said at a press conference at the Mar-a-Lago club in Palm Beach, Forida. “There’s two different Donald Trumps. There’s the one you see on […]

Former GOP presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson has endorsed Donald Trump. CNN Politics has more: [facebook url=”″] So who’s endorsed who? Here’s a list of which former 2016 presidential candidates have endorsed which current 2016 presidential candidates. Donald Trump Gov. Chris Christie Dr. Ben Carson Ted Cruz Carly Fiorina Former Gov. Rick Perry Marco Rubio Former Gov. […]

This evening at CPAC, Dr. Ben Carson officially suspended his — now quixotic — quest for the presidency, stating that he would be “leaving the campaign trail.” Despite leading several national polls earlier in the cycle, Dr. Carson was unable to seize on his grassroots momentum and turned in a number of lackluster showings in […]

The Washington Post is reporting that Dr. Ben Carson will not attend the next GOP debate, acknowledging he sees no path forward. God bless him. You can read his full statement here. Will John Kasich be next? Maggie Gallagher is a senior fellow at the American Principles Project.

Eleven states voted and pledged delegates last night. While the mainstream media continues to peddle the false idea that Donald Trump dominated, we’re here to give you three key takeaways from the results: 1.) #NeverTrump worked. It really did. Finally, the candidates took aim at Donald Trump, and he lost votes because of it. Trump […]

Last week, a group of Alabama clergy released a set of ratings measuring the remaining presidential candidates — both Republican and Democrat — on their adherence to biblical standards for contemporary social issues that challenge people of faith. The group, called the Gate Keepers Association of Alabama and consisting of 19 to 25 pastors, has […]

I shared some post-South Carolina Primary thoughts on Facebook Saturday night, but I wanted to expand on that here. This is a three-way race between Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. Currently Donald Trump is in the driver’s seat. Finally after South Carolina pollsters can finally pat themselves on the back because the polling […]

Now that the Iowa Caucus and the New Hampshire Primary are over and several candidates have dropped out, it’s time to recap – how is Common Core doing? Last August, American Principles Project, Cornerstone Policy Research, and released a Common Core report card that graded each GOP candidate on their records and statements about […]

I want to take a look at each of the candidates in the Republican presidential field following Donald Trump’s rout in the First in the Nation primary state of New Hampshire. In a nutshell, I believe the race effectively comes down to a Donald Trump vs. Ted Cruz race. Cruz moving forward may be the […]

I wanted to share some quick thoughts about each of the candidates who participated in the last Republican debate before the New Hampshire Primary. First I wasn’t a fan of the moderation. It seemed like Martha Raddatz in particular wanted to debate the candidates. Secondly, what in the world was with the introductions? How do […]

Wow. It’s already here. The Iowa Caucus is tomorrow. Here’s a candidate-by-candidate review of what could happen, what should happen, and what will happen after the votes are tallied: Donald Trump Best-case scenario: A strong 1st place finish (35 percent+) Worst-case scenario: Losing to Ted Cruz and finishing second. Trump currently leads the polls in […]

Hundreds of thousands attended the March for Life in Washington this past Friday on 43rd anniversary of Roe v. Wade. The only GOP candidate that spoke at the event, Carly Fiorina, said in her speech that “this election is a fight for the character of our nation” and that she was “prepared to stand for life.” The Blaze reported that […]

Presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson has released a five-point plan for education that says many of the right things but fails to aggressively attack the root of the education problem in this country – the federal government’s interference in an area in which it has no constitutional responsibility. An example of this is Carson’s promise […]

Will tonight’s GOP debate have a major impact on the race? Probably not. The debate aired on Fox Business Channel, which isn’t included in very many basic cable packages. But still. Tonight was an absolutely fantastic debate — probably the best GOP debate yet. All of the candidates seemed to be on their ‘A’ game. Here […]

Ben Carson appeared on the fifth episode of EWTN News’ “Candidate Conversations 2016” last Sunday. He strongly endorsed the First Amendment Defense Act, which is great news for voters concerned about protecting religious liberty. But then he did something else, too. And honestly, I’m not quite sure what to make of it. You can view […]

Dr. Ben Carson appeared on the fifth episode of “Candidate Conversations 2016” last Sunday on EWTN News. This was the fifth of several interviews with 2016 candidates conducted by Robert P. George, Professor of Jurisprudence at Princeton University and founder of American Principles Project, and Dr. Matthew J. Franck, Director of the William E. and […]

More polls out today: The latest Quinnipiac poll has Donald Trump up by a nose in Iowa over Ted Cruz, 31 percent to 29 percent (a statistical dead heat). Marco Rubio is at 15 percent, and no one else is in double digits. In New Hampshire, two new polls show Trump leading by either 11 […]