High-Level Biden Staffers Consulted For CCP-Linked Drone Firm Banned By US Govt

Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden counts high-level staffers – Senior Spokesman for Biden Inaugural Committee Matt Hill and Director of State Communication Meira Bernstein – as alumni of the Global Strategy Group: a consulting firm that represents Chinese Communist Party-linked drone company DJI. In contrast, the Trump administration had moved to blacklist the firm from operating in the U.S. alongside a host of Chinese Communist Party-linked companies. Since 2017, China-based DJI has been identified by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security as “selectively targeting government and privately owned entities within these sectors to expand its ability to collect and exploit

CORTES: Trump and the ‘Deplorables’: Still the Outsiders

The sitting president of the United States is an outsider. To borrow phrases from the famous teenage book The Outsiders, we remain a movement of political “greasers” and the Beltway influencers remain the Swamp “socs.” Those statements may seem nonsensical in a way, given Trump’s incumbency, but in this chaotic year of 2020, we have certainly learned to confront myriad realities that previously seemed impossible. UNIPARTY DEBATE COMMISSION. In the last two weeks, the Commission on Presidential Debates reveals itself as yet another corrupt and complicit swamp cabal. That group embodies the insiders brazenly manipulating their authority to undermine President