Biden’s Son-In-Law Shaping Campaign Pandemic Response While Invested In Coronavirus Startups

Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden’s son-in-law has advised his presidential campaign on its coronavirus response while simultaneously working at a venture capital firm invested in healthcare startups geared towards combatting the virus. The recently unearthed connection is yet another example of the Biden family intermixing personal business interests with the former veep’s political career and follows an explosive Senate report highlighting Hunter Biden’s corrupt business dealings spanning China, Russia, Ukraine, and more. The individual in question, Howard Krein, is married to Ashley Biden, the candidate’s youngest daughter. According to Politico: “At the same time that Joe Biden’s son-in-law, Howard Krein,

WATCH: Biden Calls US Troops ‘Stupid Bastards’

Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden appears to have called uniformed American soldiers “stupid bastards” while speaking at Al-Dhafra Airbase in the United Arab Emirates. The unearthed comments follow a fake news Atlantic magazine hit job on President Trump declaring he denigrated American soldiers as “suckers” and “losers.” Biden’s striking comments date back to March 7th, 2016. WATCH: Another angle: 

Biden: China Provides Jobs, ‘Fuels World’s Prosperity’

Joe Biden solidified his reputation as a Chinese Communist Party (CCP) sycophant and working class sellout with remarks at the US-China Strategic & Economic Dialogue in 2011. “Middle-Class Joe” had a rare opportunity to confront the greatest threat to American workers – the CCP’s exploitative trading practices and job poaching ad infinitum – and he failed. Miserably. Instead, he praised the relationship as a boon to American employment numbers and extolled the merits of a “rising China.” It wasn’t a gaffe. It wasn’t a blunder. It was quintessential Biden. In his opening statement, setting a tone of appeasement for the entire

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