Durham Seeks Grand Jury Indictment of Perkins Coie, DNC Lawyer.

The long-awaited impacts of the “Durham report” – a deep dive by special counsel John H. Durham into the origins of the Russia collusion hoax – appear to have finally yielded a result. Durham, the former U.S. Attorney for the state of Connecticut, is believed to be calling on a grand jury to indict Michael Sussmann, a partner at the left-wing Perkins Coie law firm which represented the Democratic National Committee. The New York Times reports: The case against Mr. Sussmann centers on the question of who his client was when he conveyed certain suspicions about Mr. Trump and Russia

The Banality of Bill Barr.

In June, Attorney General Bill Barr sat for an interview in CNN’s Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer and predicted widespread fraud with mail in voting. He said: “People trying to change the rules to this, to this methodology – which, as a matter of logic, is very open to fraud and coercion – is reckless and dangerous and people are playing with fire.”  At the time, Barr was the nation’s top law enforcement officer with an obligation to prevent election fraud under a bevy of federal statutes.  What Barr Could’ve Done. Maybe an investigation of Silicon Valley billionaires ballot harvesting

BREAKING: Trump Announces Departure of AG Barr After Biden Cover-Up

President Trump has announced that Attorney General Bill Barr will depart his administration.  The news, shared to Twitter on the evening of December 14th, comes after Barr aided in the cover-up of a Department of Justice investigation into Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, and insisted that voter fraud didn’t occur in the 2020 election. The two-tweet thread also reveals that Jeff Rosen will replace Barr as Acting Attorney General, and Richard Donoghue will take over Rosen’s former role of Deputy Attorney General. “Our relationship has been a very good one, he has done an outstanding job,” President Trump also adaded. https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1338614514493878273?s=20 Read

Bill Barr’s DOJ Aided Biden Campaign by Hiding Hunter Investigation

The Attorney General of the United States appears to have taken the active step to assist the Joe Biden presidential campaign by hiding details of an investigation into his family from the American public.  The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday night: Attorney General William Barr has known about a disparate set of investigations involving Hunter Biden’s business and financial dealings since at least this spring, a person familiar with the matter said, and worked to avoid their public disclosure during the heated election campaign. Republicans and President Trump have pressed Mr. Barr for months to pursue Mr. Biden, especially as

DOJ Labels NYC, Portland, And Seattle As ‘Anarchist Jurisdictions,’ Trump To Review Federal Funding

The Department of Justice has labeled three American cities – New York City, Portland, and Seattle – as “jurisdictions that have permitted violence and destruction of property to persist,” granting President Trump the ability to review the status of their federal funding. The cities called out by the Department of Justice have all been rocked by violence caused by AntiFa and Black Lives Matter, which the press release credits to Democrat-led governments which “have refused to undertake reasonable measures to counteract criminal activities.” According to the Department of Justice: The U.S. Department of Justice today identified the following three jurisdictions

Trump’s DOJ Indicts NASA Researcher Involved In Chinese Communist Party Espionage Scheme

An American professor and NASA researcher has been charged with illegally using taxpayer-funded research grants while working under the auspices of the Chinese Communist Party’s controversial “Thousand Talents Plan”- identified by the Federal Bureau of Investigation as “non-traditional espionage.” The Thousand Talents Plan seeks to lure top scientific talent from the world – especially the U.S. – to aid China’s technological development, allowing the country to obtain a scientific cutting edge by deploying deceitful tactics such as intellectual property theft. According to the Associated Press: A NASA researcher and Texas A&M University professor has been charged with accepting federal grant