Biden Supporters Violently Assaulted Peaceful Demonstrators in D.C. And Democrats Still Haven’t Condemned It

Following the pro-Trump Million MAGA March in Washington, D.C., attendees were met with violent attacks from AntiFa and Black Lives Matter. As of Monday morning, Democrats have still refused to condemned the violence. A host of videos, eyewitness testimony, and indeed arrests have surfaced revealing that Trump supporters – from children to elderly couples – were systematically targeted and harassed by left-wing militant groups in the nation’s capital on Saturday evening. In contrast, the march itself, where supporters demonstrated in defense of President Trump’s right to a second term and against a rigged election, saw no violence started by Trump


Hillary Clinton Claims ‘Black Lives Matters’ Is A ‘Theological Statement’

Failed Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton insisted Black Lives Matter is a “theological statement” while speaking on her newly-launched podcast, You and Me Both with Hillary Clinton. The bizarre remarks came on Clinton’s inaugural episode “Faith” – a 50-minute show featuring guests such establishment journalist Krista Tippett, Daily Show Correspondent Aasif Mandvi, and Reverend William Barber II. While speaking positively about the Black Lives Matter, the former Secretary of State commented that the activist movement, which in lockstep with AntiFa has been responsible for nationwide rioting and violence, was a “theological” movement: “When you think about the very deliberate, concerted effort

WATCH – Rand Paul: Goal Of Black Lives Matter Is ‘Terrorism’

Senator Rand Paul insisted Black Lives Matter’s ultimate goal is “terrorism” while speaking at a Senate National Security hearing. The Kentucky Senator, who was recently attacked by violent Black Lives Matter and Antifa activists in Washington, D.C., told the Homeland Security Committee that Black Lives Matter “admits” its “goal is to terrorize public officials and really anybody”: “Their goal is terrorism. They’re admitting it. If you look at their exchanges online and social media, they’re saying their goal is to terrorize public officials, and really anybody. Many of the people at the restaurants being terrorized are not public officials. But


EXCLUSIVE: Trump’s $500Bn, Black Community ‘Platinum Plan’ Lists AntiFa and KKK As ‘Terror Groups’

President Trump’s massive, black community-focused jobs and investment “Platinum Plan” – to be announced this afternoon in Georgia – will include $500Bn increased access to capital for black communities, as well as designating AntiFa and the KKK as terrorist organizations.  The National Pulse can also report the plan announces Juneteenth – commemorating the 1865 declaration of freedom from slavery – as a national holiday, and also contains the idea of a sub-group of the Minority Business Development Agency, specifically designed for African American Affairs. platinum-plan-two-sider-v5.pdf by Raheem Kassam According to sources familiar with the plan, there are over forty points


BLM Founder Fawns Over Linda Sarsour, Calls Her ‘Excellent… Badass… Friend.’

Black Lives Matter founder Alicia Garza has repeatedly praised far-left activist Linda Sarsour, calling her a “badass,” “excellent,” and “resilient,” while helping Sarsour promote a new book. Garza’s remarks came during an April 22nd virtual interview hosted by the Commonwealth Club of California. The hour-long exchange between Garza and Sarsour served to promote Sarsour’s new book, We Are Not Here to Be Bystanders: A Memoir of Love and Resistance. Throughout the event, Garza repeatedly fawned over the controversial activist, known for leading the 2017 Women’s March, being openly hostile to Jews, and affiliating with virulent anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan. Even the

Over 1 in 4 U.S Presidents Have Used the Insurrection Act – Now President Trump Should, Too.

President Trump has hinted at the use of the Insurrection Act for a while. Now, in the wake of the murder of one of his supporters in Portland, it’s time to use it.  The Act, originally signed into law by President Thomas Jefferson in 1807, provides President Trump with the ability to tackle the clear attempts at insurrection taking place in the United States today. In fact 12 U.S. Presidents have used it, from Jefferson himself to John F. Kennedy to George H.W. Bush during the Los Angeles riots. If Trump dithers or delays further, the Biden campaign’s latest attempt

‘How Did You Think It Would End?’ Clips Reveal Dems and Media Radicalizing Left to Violence

Democrats, their mainstream media counterparts, and Hollywood elites have been inciting violence against President Trump and his supporters for years. Featuring politicians such as Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, Rep. Maxine Waters, and Senator and Democratic Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris, a new video by the Caldron Pool website highlights the hateful rhetoric peddled by Democratic leadership. The ad-style video is entitled: “How Did You Think It Would End?” WATCH:  These calls to action – such as Pelosi labeling Republicans “domestic enemies” – are echoed by their supporters and ideological equivalents in the mainstream media and Hollywood. While anti-Trump

WATCH – DC BLM Terrorist: ‘Put Police in Graves, Burn The White House Down, Take it to Senators… Burn Them Down’

Black Lives Matter terrorists gathered again on Saturday night in Washington, D.C., this time uniting around the call to “put police in the f**king grave,” and “burn the f**king White House down,” shocking videos reveal. Speaking at Mayor Muriel Bowser’s Black Lives Matter (BLM) Plaza – which has shuttered local businesses and created a street full of illegal activity – one speaker shouted to cheers and applause: “I’m at the point where I’m ready to put these police in the f**king grave. I’m at the point where I wanna burn the f**king White House down.” The speaker went on while

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