President Trump, Women of Color Need to Know: Are You Really Listening?

I recently received an email inviting me to participate in President Trump’s “Listening to America Survey to tell me the true sentiments, concerns, and interests of REAL America.” Although it was likely nothing more than a fundraising ploy, I took some time anyway to complete all the questions, hoping against hope that someone might truly read it and “listen.” After all, the tag line of the email was “why don’t they EVER listen”. Following his election, President Trump pledged “…to do everything I can to continue that promise of freedom for African-Americans.” He has a huge opportunity to keep that

Black Pastors Express Deep Concern over Clinton’s Stance on Abortion, Religious Freedom

Earlier this week, a group of 26 African-American religious leaders signed an open letter to Hillary Clinton requesting that she meet with them to discuss issues of importance to the black community. They then went into details on a number concerns they hope to hear her address, including two issues which have become particularly problematic for Democrats: abortion and religious freedom. On abortion, the letter slams Clinton for saying in a speech last year that people’s beliefs “have to be changed” on the issue, a comment which the church leaders write “is reminiscent of totalitarianism.” They then go on to

Why I Can’t Stand CNN

I have written about why I can’t stand GOP operatives and why I can’t stand the mainstream media. Now I want to get more specific and name names. Here’s why I can’t stand CNN. On Saturday, CNN ran a headline: “Donald Trump Dredges Up Clinton’s Use of ‘Super Predators’” Really? “Dredges Up”? What a difference a few months can make. Back in April, CNN’s Jake Tapper brought up Hillary Clinton’s controversial comments to Bernie Sanders, all but begging for Sanders to go on the attack. Sanders declined, “Sorry, Jake, not gonna go there,” although he did eventually relent, “I think it had race

ACLU State Director Quits Job, Blasts Organization for Intolerance

Maya Dillard Smith, a black woman, quit her job last week. Was bigotry and harassment to blame for her quitting? Sort of. I’ll let her explain what happened: I have shared my personal experience of having taken my elementary school age daughters into a women’s restroom when shortly after three transgender young adults, over six feet [tall] with deep voices, entered. My children were visibly frightened, concerned about their safety and left asking lots of questions for which I, like many parents, was ill-prepared to answer. So she began asking questions about President Obama’s transgender mandate forcing schools to allow

Is Trump Gaining Support from Black Voters? (VIDEO)

Frank Cannon is president of the American Principles Project and a respected conservative political strategist with over 30 years of experience. I think that when you have a black presidential candidate, as you had in Barack Obama, getting out of single digits is not very likely [for a Republican]. But Hillary Clinton, while she has a stranglehold on the black vote and people say that — if Trump is able to get into the mid-teens and moving from the mid-teens possibly into the twenties, [that] would also be very significant. Trump is getting about 57 percent of the white vote,

Carson: “All Black Lives Matter”

Dr. Ben Carson wants to shift the focus of the Black Lives Matter movement.  This past Saturday, the presidential candidate appeared at a daylong conference at Allen University, a historically black college, alongside Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley to discuss issues concerning black communities. Dr. Carson said that the Black Lives Matter movement needs to shift its focus from police brutality to other atrocities threatening black lives like abortion and homicide: “I believe that we ought to be talking about all black lives, not just a few,” Carson said. “The greatest number of black lives are eliminated in abortion clinics and

Clinton, Republicans Snubbed by Influential African American Church

The Church of God in Christ, a historically African American church comprising over 12,000 churches in the United States, has reportedly turned down multiple speaking requests by the Hillary Clinton campaign to speak at their St. Louis convention in November, Breitbart reports: Whether to allow Clinton to speak publicly to the congregation was discussed among Church leaders on three separate occasions – including a recent request to speak at its annual international convocation in November, according to a source familiar with the discussions. This year’s convention will be held in St. Louis and expects to host 40,000 attendees as well

Carson Calls Democrats “the Party of the KKK”

At a meeting of black leaders and activists last week, Dr. Ben Carson alleged that electing Democrats does a disservice to the community, and that the broken promises of Democratic lawmakers has led to a situation “perhaps just as bad” as the prejudicial Jim Crow laws of the early 20th century: “The Democrat Party, of course, is the party of the KKK. Of Jim Crow laws. And perhaps just as bad right now, of servitude. ‘Now you do this, and we’ll take care of you, pat you on the head, take care of all your needs.’ Which keeps people believing