Ilhan Omar Used Campaign Cash to Keep Husband’s Consultancy Firm Afloat

Ilhan Omar’s 2020 congressional campaign is responsible for funding nearly 80 percent of her husband’s consulting firm. Federal Election Commission (FEC) records reveal a sum of $2,918,470.74 being funneled to E Street Group, a D.C.-based consulting firm owned by Omar’s husband Tim Mynett. The sizable sum accounts for over 78% of E Street Group’s total payments between January 2019 and November 2020. Over the course of the 2020 election cycle, the firm was paid $3,742,911.57. And over 52 percent of Omar’s total campaign spend – roughly $5,600,000 in donations – went to E Street Group. “Omar pledged to sever ties

‘Okay White Boy!’: Ossoff’s New Digital Director Has History Of Anti-White Tweets

Kiayna O’Neal, employed by Jon Ossoff’s Georgia Senate campaign as a Digital Director, has a history of racist, anti-white tweets including shaming men for being with white women and celebrating “p*ssing all the white people off.” Tweets unearthed by The National Pulse – who also served as a Digital Organizing Associate for Joe Biden’s presidential campaign – date back to 2011 and 2012. They reveal O’Neal’s disdain for black men having relationships with white women, as she lamented a man “picking a white one” and a man being “with a white woman.” Ossoff’s Deputy Digital Organizing Director also responded “lmao!”

MEMORY HOLE: Biden Team Deletes HUMILIATING Buttigieg Attack Ad (But We Saved It)

Pete Buttigieg, Joe Biden’s pick for Secretary of Transporation, was brutalized in a now-deleted attack ad by the former veep’s campaign. While the one minute and 39-second attack ad, titled “Pete’s Records,” has been scrubbed from Biden’s YouTube page, archives of the original link reveal the video had remained uploaded to the account since at least December 14th, 2020. Now, however, if someone tries to access the link, a black error screen with the text “Video unavailable” and “This video has been removed by the uploader” appear on the screen. The ad, dating back to February, was described by CNN

‘Everything Worries Me’: Dems Panic As Trump Begins To Pull Ahead

An article from the Los Angeles Times – “Biden’s lead? Why Democrats worry they could blow it” – reveals a host of high-level Democratic campaign operatives and pro-Joe Biden-activists fretting over the 2020 election in fear of a victory for President Trump. The nearly 1.400-word article provides insight into the panic currently experienced by the Biden camp with quotes from pro-Biden activists, fundraisers, and advisors. Paul Begala, a Democratic fundraiser and “longtime advisor to Bill and Hillary Clinton” insisted “everybody is anxious”: “Everybody is anxious,” said Paul Begala, a longtime advisor to Bill and Hillary Clinton and a founder of the

Biden Campaigns Funneled Over $70,000 To Hunter Biden, Nearly $150,000 To Entire Family

Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden has funneled nearly $150,000 to family members from his campaigns and Political Action Committees, including over almost $75,000 to his son Hunter Biden’s law firm. These unearthed numbers come on the heels of a panoply of email threads and documents exposing Hunter Biden’s routine leveraging of his father’s name to ink lucrative lobbying and consulting contracts, often with foreign governments including the Chinese Communist Party. The sizable sum sent to Biden family members throughout the former Veep’s Senate campaigns came from donations. For example, Joe Biden’s Political Action Committee (PAC) “Unite Our States” paid $64,700.07

Biden Campaign Calls Morning ‘Lid’ – Meaning No Candidate Appearances – 7 Times in 14 Days

With 40 days to the 2020 presidential election, the campaign of Democratic candidate Joe Biden has called a full lid before noon seven times just over the last two weeks. In other words, over the course of the last two weeks, the Biden campaign has ceased operations before noon half of the time. In contrast, President Trump has been holding a wide array of campaign events across the country at a much higher frequency than Biden. The disparity follows skepticism over Biden’s mental acuity and physical aptitude being up to task for the presidency and has elicited considerable blowback from