RECEIPTS: CBS Producer Who Wants to ‘Punish’ Unvaxxed Americans Once Claimed ‘Vaccines Don’t Work’.

A CBS News producer shaming unvaccinated Americans and appearing to call for the punishment of athletes abstaining from the COVID-19 jabs previously declared “vaccines don’t work” in a 2013 tweet, The National Pulse can reveal. In yet another sign that the cult of COVID vaccinations is more political than scientific, Christopher Brito – who has been with the corporate news network since 2017 – unleashed on fellow Americans despite his previous assertions about the efficacy of vaccines. Brito works as a Sports and Culture as well as Social Media Producer for CBS News, and appears to have written over 1,000 articles

CBS Affiliate Partners With Chinese Communist State TV to Air Documentaries ‘Showcasing Achievements’ of Brutal Regime.

A CBS affiliate station has partnered with the Chinese Communist Party to air content “showcasing the achievements China has made” as part of a broader agreement with a state-run Chinese university to share documentaries “promoting Chinese culture,” The National Pulse can reveal.  A press release from Zhejiang Radio & TV Group reveals that the state-run broadcaster is partnered with the CBS News affiliate station KCFJ 570 AM. Among the programs played on the California station are CBS News shows such as 60 Minutes and Face The Nation along with America Outdoor Radio, Farm and Ranch Report, and Land and Livestock Report.

CBS’s “85% Biden Speech Approval” Poll Quizzed Just 169 Republicans out of 1,000 Viewers.

A stunning CBS poll which claimed 85 percent of Americans embraced Joe Biden’s joint address speech last night has turned out to be a fraud, with pollster YouGov surveying just 169 Republicans as part of the broader 943 people polled. In a stunningly duplicitous story aimed at shoring up the response to Biden’s speech, CBS claimed on television and on their website: “Most viewers who tuned in to watch President Biden’s speech liked what they heard and came away feeling optimistic about America.” What they didn’t tell their viewers, nor readers, is that the poll was wildly biased towards self-identifying “Democrats”

The Many Lies of Meghan (and Harry) Markle.

A royal couple have finalized a lucrative departure from an institution they hate. Cue the tearful tell-all.  On May 19, 2018, nearly 30 million people tuned in to the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, a celebration of their biracial relationship and marriage of two cultures. A black gospel choir broke out in “Stand By Me” before Meghan and Harry took their vows—and landed a Sony deal afterwards. Meghan’s mother Doria Ragland was hailed as “chic” and “a legend” by fashion magazines, no match for the continuous, flattering coverage heaped on Meghan from the likes of Vogue and Harper’s

‘Biden’s Boardwalk Bash’: Joe & Hunter Used Public Funds to Schmooze Reporters in Exchange for Favorable Coverage.

Dozens of reporters, journalists, and news anchors enjoyed a close-knit relationship with Joe Biden and his family, dating back to his Vice Presidency and linked to his private parties – thrown at taxpayer expense at the Vice President’s residence – known as “Biden Beach Boardwalk Bashes,” the National Pulse can reveal. The news may go some way to explaining why CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN, The Washington Post, The New York Times, and many others ignored the Hunter Biden laptop story of 2020. The Boardwalk Bash. The Biden Beach Boardwalk Bash was a pool party held in June at the Vice

CBS Frets Too Many ’Thank You’ Emails Contributing To Global Warming

A recent CBS This Morning segment insisted that too many emails – “little” messages such as “thank you” and “got it” – would contribute to global warming. Speaking on Wednesday, correspondent Mark Phillips attempted to downplay the fact that COVID-19 would lead to a decrease in global carbon emissions. He focuses on how emails could offset the saved carbon emissions from less flying, driving, and commuting as a result of COVID-19 and lockdowns. Phillips, however, emphasizes that humans ought to “hold the smugness.” “Working from home is not cost-free, and the more of us who do it, the more environmentally expensive

MELTDOWN: Asian-American CBS Reporter Drops Face Mask, SCREAMS at Trump for Telling Her to ‘Ask China’ About the Coronavirus

Doubtlessly implying some kind of racist motive, Asian-American reported Weijia Jiang dropped her face mask and screamed at President Trump this afternoon in the White House Rose Garden, forcing an early ending to the press event. Towards the end of the presser – the first in a week – President Trump called on CBS’s Weijia Jiang who asked the President why he was treating coronavirus testing as a competition between countries. .@weijia: Why is this a global competition to you when Americans are losing their lives every day? TRUMP: Maybe that's a question you should ask China. WEIJA: Why are