A Totally Serious Salon Blogger Accidentally (Yet Brilliantly) Satirizes the Left

Last Friday, I wrote a piece for The Hill urging establishment Republicans to resist the impulse to abandon President Trump and instead embrace his agenda. If the Republican Party turns against Trump, I argued, “it would be a death blow to conservative resistance and revival in America.” It’s a simple argument: Trump is in sync with the electorate right now, and establishment Republicans generally aren’t. A rejection of Trump’s winning formula (and his unrelenting attacks on progressivism) by party leaders would be a surefire way to kill the GOP and usher in decades of electoral irrelevancy. It would be the

Nancy Pelosi Just Denounced Antifa. Will More Democrats Finally Join Her?

It’s not every day we take the opportunity to write sweet nothings about House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi here at The National Pulse, but this week she definitely deserves some credit. Following more left-wing violence perpetrated by “antifa” — a group of radical, left-wing terrorists that believes all violence against political opponents is justified — Pelosi finally spoke up and said “enough.” Via Fox News: House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., condemned attacks by members of Antifa against conservative demonstrators over the weekend in Berkeley, Calif., calling the violence a “sad event.” “Our democracy has no room for inciting violence

Tear Them Down? The Conservative Case Against Confederate Monuments

A lot of people I respect greatly are coming to the defense of Confederate war monuments in the wake of the Charlottesville brouhaha. I understand their impulse to resist this latest frenzy of the leftist mobs that are literally tearing down statues and would normally be four-square with them in standing up to political correctness. But I think they’re wrong on this one. Their main argument, like that of President Trump, is the danger of the slippery slope: “Where does it end?” Next it will be George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, who owned slaves. Give the Left an inch, and it

Trump’s Approval Rating Plunges: Here’s Why It Doesn’t Matter

According to a new Politico/Morning Consult poll, President Trump’s approval rating has dropped in the wake of the Charlottesville controversy and hit a new low during the first year of his presidency. Thirty-nine percent of voters approve of the President’s job performance, while 56 percent disapprove. Much of this can be attributed to a slight decline in approval from Republican voters, with just 73 percent of Republicans expressing approval, down from 81 percent a week earlier. This dip should come as no surprise after the mainstream media spent more than a week spreading #FakeNews about President Trump’s reaction to Charlottesville.

What Do White Supremacists and Icelandic Abortionists Have in Common?

Whether it was Icelanders boasting about killing their unborn children with Down syndrome or white supremacists and counter protestors clashing in Charlottesville, last week’s news was filled with stories that show prejudice and violence come in many different forms. Although these events took place thousands of miles and an ocean apart, they have one thing in common — they involve one group of people pronouncing their superiority over another which they consider to be inferior based on some arbitrary determination. Such prejudice begins with hateful rhetoric and usually ends with the taking of innocent life. In Iceland, the victims have

How Can We Unite a Divided America? Talk to Each Other…

This article is part of series focusing on Lens of Liberty, a project of the Vernon K. Krieble Foundation. It’s been awhile since Americans have seen this level of social unrest and division. One would be hard pressed to find a nightly news program without at least one clip of intense protests, flag burnings, black-masked Antifa members assaulting cops, or even the KKK and neo-nazis. All of this division and controversy has sparked a new debate over freedom of speech. In a Liberty Minute entitled “Talk to Each Other,” Helen Krieble implores all Americans to discuss current events with their

NARAL Tries to Connect Pro-Lifers to White Supremacists in Outrageous Tweets

Yesterday, the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL) pinned this tweet to the head of their Twitter feed: THREAD: White supremacists at #Charlottesville have close ties not just to Trump, but GOP & anti-choice groups. — NARAL (@NARAL) August 16, 2017 As implied, this was the start of a series of blistering tweets defaming and attacking the pro-life movement in America, equating those who oppose abortion with neo-Nazis. In bolstering its argument, NARAL went on to point out that one group which attended the rally in Charlottesville has also taken part in pro-life events: Heimbach’s “Traditionalist Worker Party” mobilized members to

Charlottesville Shows the Dangers of Moral Relativism

Last week, the country watched as radical white supremacists clashed with radical ‘ANTIFA’ groups at a protest in Charlottesville, Virginia. The political and media response provides a perfect example of the dangers of moral relativism and how it has infected political discourse. For example, when former Attorney General Eric Holder tweeted that President Trump should call out the ‘domestic terrorism’ at the rally, including a driver who purposefully drove his car into protesters, conservative Twitter criticized Holder for not labeling the 2009 Fort Hood shooting ‘terrorism.’ As a reminder, the Obama administration initially labeled it workplace violence. Similarly, liberal Twitter