Biden Bans Investment In Chinese Tech Firms Hunter Profited From.

The White House is set to blacklist several Chinese Communist Party-linked tech firms including those counting backing from investment funds linked to Hunter Biden. Adding to the 60 Chinese groups already on the “Chinese military-industrial complex companies” investment blacklist, among the eight companies added by President Joe Biden include Megvii. The technology firm’s facial recognition software has been linked to the Chinese Communist Party’s mass surveillance operations of Uyghurs in Xinjiang as reported by the Financial Times and, more broadly, the regime’s social credit score system. The company’s deep ties to Beijing come amidst massive investment from BHR Partners – a private equity

Vindicating Trump, Biden’s FCC Designates Chinese Tech Firms ‘National Security Threats’.

The Federal Communications Commission designated five Chinese Communist Party-linked tech firms as “national security threats.” Among the companies targeted by the ban are Huawei, ZTE, Hytera Communications Corp, Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology, and Dahua Technology Co. “Such designations, which will extend to subsidiaries and affiliates of the targeted entities, are required under the Secure and Trusted Communications Networks Act of 2019,” South China Morning Post notes. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) highlighted how telecommunications products from and services provided by the aforementioned companies posed “an unacceptable risk to US national security or the security and safety of US persons.” “This

DOJ Sentences Chinese Drug Trafficker Laundering Money On Southern Border

A Chinese national has been sentenced to five years in prison and ceding over $4 million for “laundering drug proceeds generated by large-scale cocaine trafficking in the United States.” The case speaks to China’s malign influence in the U.S. – a pr sense that encompasses universities, think tanks, the economy, and even the border. According to the Department of Justice: “Xueyong Wu, 40, cultivated relationships with Latin American drug trafficking organizations to transport and launder their United States-based drug proceeds. Much of this money was repatriated to Mexico through a complex series of international financial transactions. Wu received a percentage

PANDERER-IN-CHIEF: Kamala Harris Once Adopted A Chinese Name To ‘Win Chinese Votes’

Democratic Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris adopted a Chinese name to garner more votes from the Chinese-American community during her 2003 run for San Francisco District Attorney, The National Pulse can today reveal. The move is just the latest example of Harris’s phony politicking and further obscures claims she’s the first African-American pick for Vice President. During the 2003 race, which Harris won by less than one percentage point, she adopted the Chinese name “He Jinli” in a calculated attempt to secure more votes from San Francisco’s sizable Chinese community. Chinese-language media reporting recounted the process by which Harris adopted

Cops Use ‘Gifted’ Chinese Drones by Firm Complying With CCP Data Requests

Police departments are using “gifted” Chinese drones to enforce social distancing rules. The drones, ostensibly used by law enforcement for a hands-off way to police social distancing, are made by a Chinese firm which sends data back to the Chinese Communist Party. The Daytona Beach Police Departments says the drones possess digital cameras and heat-detecting devices. These systems can detect body temperatures from 99 to 105 degrees. A graphic from the manufacturer – DJI Innovations based in Shenzen, China – reveals 100 drones have been gifted to law enforcement and local authorities in recent weeks. They claim: “…we’re pleased to