Christie Calls Pro-Lifers “Divisive,” Promises to Work With Pelosi

In New Hampshire — just around the time thousands of pro-life young people braved a blizzard to march for life in Washington — Chris Christie chose to criticize the unnamed pro-lifers who are “extraordinarily divisive,” according to The New York Times: [Gov. Christie], who has in large party staked the future of his campaign on New Hampshire, also stressed the importance of bipartisanship in government. The state has a sizable bloc of moderate Republicans, as well as a large and unpredictable group of independent voters who are allowed to vote in Republican primaries. Defending his opposition to funding Planned Parenthood,

WaPo Credits Common Core With Bringing Down Another Major Presidential Candidate

In a story on the rise of John Kasich in New Hampshire, The Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin casually acknowledges that Common Core has emerged as a potent issue, even in the allegedly more liberal (for a Republican) state of New Hampshire. Gov. Chris Christie is the latest of a series of pro-Common Core governors (Scott Walker, Jeb Bush) to feel the burn: Kasich may now be benefiting from the decline in Bush’s standings (he’s in sixth place in the RCP averages). He may also be siphoning votes off from Christie, who is being hammered by opponents for perceived inconsistency on Common Core,

A Kasich Surge in N.H.?

Has a new candidate just emerged from the scrum in the New Hampshire GOP primary field for second place? If the latest poll is any indication, John Kasich has shot to second place, with 20 percent of the vote in New Hampshire, which is now one of the most socially liberal GOP states in America. While Donald Trump, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio and others keep pounding on Ted Cruz, Kasich just jumped to 20 percent in New Hampshire, just 7 points behind Trump, and 10 to 12 points ahead of Rubio (10 percent), Cruz (9 percent), Chris Christie (9 percent),

Earth to Chris Christie: New Jersey Didn’t Get Rid of Common Core

U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) called out New Jersey Governor Chris Christie during the Fox Business Network Republican presidential debate for his support of Common Core. Christie replied and said, “And on Common Core, Common Core has been eliminated in New Jersey.” Really? That’s fascinating. Christie has been a moving target on Common Core (Stop Common Core in North Carolina has a great timeline of his waffling on the issue). Needless to say, his change of heart has been and remains suspect when he refused to get rid of PARCC as an assessment when parents and many legislators in his state

Grading the GOP Debate: Who Passed? Who Failed?

Will tonight’s GOP debate have a major impact on the race? Probably not. The debate aired on Fox Business Channel, which isn’t included in very many basic cable packages. But still. Tonight was an absolutely fantastic debate — probably the best GOP debate yet. All of the candidates seemed to be on their ‘A’ game. Here are my grades for each of the candidates: Ted Cruz: A+++ What a night for Ted Cruz. Wow. Just as he was starting to see slippage in Iowa amidst liberal media hit pieces and ridiculous “birther” theories, he delivered a slam dunk performance that should

Rubio Hammers Cruz on National Security, Christie on Common Core

Sen. Marco Rubio is stepping up his attacks on Ted Cruz and Chris Christie, signaling he sees them as his main competition in emerging as the the alternative to Trump. He attacks Cruz as soft on national security, and Christie for having once supported the Common Core among other liberal ideas: ‘He has voted for and supported a containment budget that would reduce national security. I think we need to rebuild the U.S. military,’  Mr. Rubio told CNN. ‘He is in favor of weakening our intelligence programs. I am in favor of strengthening and expanding them.’ Mr. Rubio’s stops in Iowa Tuesday

New N.H. Poll: Trump Triumphs, Rubio Second, Four-Way Tie for Third

I’ve been waiting for some post-Christmas polls. But there’s nothing too shocking in this PPP poll of New Hampshire Republican voters: Donald Trump is firmly in the lead with 29 percent. Marco Rubio is rising to second at 15 percent, but in third place, mostly within the margin of error of Rubio, are Chris Christie, John Kasich, Ted Cruz, and Jeb Bush. Maggie Gallagher is a senior fellow at the American Principles Project.

Rubio Highlights Anti-Common Core Stance Down the Stretch

With the Iowa Caucus quickly approaching, Marco Rubio is going on the offensive, and he appears to be making his opposition to Common Core a central focus of his pitch to conservatives. While campaigning in Iowa last week, Rubio emphasized that eliminating federal support for Common Core would be among his top priorities if elected president. As reported by Education Week: In a speech last Tuesday in Waterloo, Iowa, Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., excoriated the federal government under President Barack Obama for, among other things, “trying to take over our schools with common core.” “I will repeal every single one of

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