NELLES: Biden’s Self-Inflicted Energy Crisis Will Wreck Christmas for Most Americans.

Remember the good ole days… way back in 2020… when the United States was an exporter of energy and the price of gas was $2.17 per gallon? Today, the United States – and indeed the world – is in a self-inflicted energy crisis. Globally, the energy sector is a complete disaster. “Tightening markets for liquefied natural gas (LNG) worldwide and major oil producers cutting supply have put the world in the middle of ‘the first truly global energy crisis,’ the head of the International Energy Agency (IEA) said.” While the Biden government celebrates the price of gas coming down from

Associated Press Reporter & Far-Left Activists Explode in Defense of Xi Jinping.

Journalists for the Associated Press are on a mission to convince readers that China is pro-Christmas, while universities across the nation continue to tell students that this is a “foreign” holiday and ex-pats are told it is not recognized in China. It’s true that some colleges in China have in the past few years told students not to hold Christmas events (as they are deemed “foreign”). But insinuating that Christmas trees are banned in China is just silly. — Dake Kang (@dakekang) December 12, 2021 Christmas is not a public holiday in China and the Chinese Communist Party aggressively

Vatican’s Nativity Scene Blasted as ‘Hideous’, Postmodern, ‘Demonic’

The Vatican’s Nativity Scene has been blasted as “hideous” and “demonic.” The nativity scene is supposed to celebrate and represent the birth of Christ during the Christmas season. This year the Vatican collaborated with FA Grue Art & Design Institute and invited students and faculty to create new scene for this year’s nativity scene. The sculptures have received a negative response, with people noting that the baby Jesus, his mother Mary, and her husband Joseph were eccentrically created with modern and futuristic elements in their construct. The National Catholic Register noted: Reaction on social media and elsewhere has mostly