2050 ‘Net Zero’ Climate Target Will Cost $275 TRILLION; More Than U.S. Govt Currently Spends Per Day.

Top consulting firm McKinsey has calculated that the net-zero emissions targets set by global governments and championed by the United Nations would would cost the public a staggering $275 trillion by 2050, or around $30 billion per day for the next 25 years. The number would account for more than the U.S. government currently spends per day, with the targets especially a part of Boris and Carrie Johnson’s green agenda in the United Kingdom. President Biden recently committed America to the same 2050 target, telling the COP26 conference of his regime’s “overall long-term strategy that outlines [and] how we’ll get

Facebook Just Admitted in Court That its ‘Fact-Checks’ Are Just Third Party ‘Opinions’.

Facebook (aka “Meta”) has admitted in court that the “fact-checks” used by the site to blacklist non-corporate media content are actually opinion-based labels which do not conduct any real fact-checking of information posted to the site. The evidence was revealed during the court proceeding for a defamation case filed by John Stossel. Stossel’s work on climate change was labeled by Facebook as “false and misleading.” In response to Stossel’s suit, Facebook wrote that the company cannot be sued for defamation in relation to the fact-checking. Defamation is defined as “making false and harmful assertions.” Under this definition, Facebook argued that

Despite Campaign Rhetoric, Biden’s Drilling Permits on Public Lands Outpace Trump’s.

The Biden government has approved drilling permits on public lands at a far higher rate than former President Trump, going back on his campaign promise to curb fossil fuel development, while gas prices continue to soar nationwide. Analysis of federal data shows Biden has approved drilling permits at an average rate of 333 per month. Under the Trump administration, the number of approvals was 245 during Trump’s first year in office, with an average of 300 per month by the end of his presidency. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) data analysis revealed that the Biden impact on New Mexico

The Chinese Communist Party is Behind a U.S. ‘Climate Change’ Activism Conference.

A Chinese Communist Party-linked foreign influence group sponsored a climate change conference seeking to mobilize youth advocates in America, the National Pulse can reveal. The entity sponsoring the recent conference, the China-United States Exchange Foundation (CUSEF), is part of Beijing’s “United Front” effort, which the U.S. government identifies as seeking to “to co-opt and neutralize sources of potential opposition to the policies and authority of its ruling Chinese Communist Party” and “influence foreign governments to take actions or adopt positions supportive of Beijing.” CUSEF’s website notes that it “sponsored” the Sino-American Youth Dialogue on Climate Change, carried out in collaboration with

Hunter Biden’s ‘Spy Chief of China’ Partner Calls US Climate Demands ‘Meaningless.’

Patrick Ho – Hunter Biden’s business partner whom he dubbed the “spy chief of China” – insisted that China “has nothing to be apologetic about” regarding climate change and pollution. The remarks come from a blog post written by Ho, who appears multiple times in Hunter’s e-mails, as the pair inked million-dollar business contracts. Ho served as the chairman of CEFC China Energy during his work with the president’s son, before being indicted by the Justice Department for “schemes to bribe top officials for business advantages.” Ho’s writings appear to confirm a sentiment that many Americans outside the Biden White House

China Can Exploit Climate Change To ‘Control Social, Political Environment,’ Boasts Chinese Communist Party Adviser.

A Chinese Communist Party adviser and professor identified climate change as an opportunity to “regulate and control the social, political, and economic environment,” functioning as part of China’s broader goal to expand its global power. Unearthed by The Epoch Times, the remarks come from Renmin University Professor Di Dongsheng, who has also worked with various Chinese Communist Party bodies including the foreign ministry and the National Development and Reform Commission. “It can help to regulate and control the social, political, and economic environment,” Di said referencing climate change in a blog post. The global emissions reduction agenda can boost the Chinese Communist

Black Lives Matter and Climate Change Replacing Religion, Establishment Reporter Admits.

An Axios podcast this week addressed a new Gallup poll which shows fewer than half of Americans regularly attend a house of worship, noting that this religious void is being filled to a great extent by extreme-left political activist movements such as Black Lives Matter and climate change, which use the language of religion to promote global Marxism. The common conservative jab at liberals, that “climate change is a religion” for the left, is turning out to be literally true. “New research shows that less than half of Americans belong to a church, synagogue, or a mosque,” Axios host Niala

Biden Energy Director Called For ‘Accelerating’ Collaboration With China.

Candace Vahlsing, President Biden’s Associate Director for Climate, co-authored reports arguing for more collaboration between the U.S. and the Chinese Communist Party on climate and energy “in partnership” with Chinese government-backed academics and organizations.  Vahlsing, who has held the position of Associate Director for Climate, Energy, Environment, and Science at the Office of Management and Budget since January of 2021, is listed as a contributor to a recent research report: “How California and China, Together, Can Accelerate a Global Shift to Zero-emission Vehicles.” The April 2020 report—written “in partnership” with Chinese Communist Party-run Tsinghua University—begins by calling for closer collaboration between

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