Biden Climate Advisor Lauded ‘Global Benefit’ Of China’s Exploitative Belt And Road Initiative In Unearthed Op-Ed.

Sonia Aggarwal, a Senior Advisor to President Joe Biden on climate policy, lauded the Chinese Communist Party’s controversial “Belt and Road” Initiative in an unearthed op-ed. Aggarwal, who’s worked in the White House Office of Domestic Climate Policy since January, authored an op-ed for Forbes in December 2017: “The China Belt And Road Initiative Could Help – Or Hurt – Clean Energy In Emerging Economies.” The article, which concludes that “recent developments suggest hope for China’s green Belt and Road Initiative,” evaluates the progress of the initiative based on its adherence to “green” energy goals. It fails to mention how

STUDY: Nearly Half of Key Solar Panel Component Comes From Uyghur Forced Labor.

Nearly half of a key component used for solar panels – polysilicon – comes from Uyghur forced labor operations under the control of the Chinese Communist Party. The investigation by Sheffield Hallam University (SHU) found that roughly 45 percent of polysilicon is obtained from Xinjiang province, including the world’s four biggest panel manufacturers relying on the Uyghur-produced compound. The 69-page report bases its evidence on numerous sources documented in more than 300 endnotes, including official Chinese government figures outlining the “placement” of 2,600,000 “minoritized” citizens in jobs in farms and factories in Xinjiang. Among the firms identified as using forced