Clinton-Backed Haiti Pastor Indicted on Child Sex Charges.

Corrigan Clay – a U.S. pastor who moved to Haiti and adopted two orphans – has been arrested on child sex abuse charges against one of his children. Corrigan is the co-founder of the “Apparent Project”, a non-profit charity organization established by his ex-partner Shelley Jean. The group has been visited and supported by former U.S. President Bill Clinton, who is also believed to have helped fund another of the pair’s entities, Papillion Enterprise, through Clinton Foundation grants. EDITOR'S NOTE: Real news like this is difficult and sometimes even dangerous. Please consider joining our community today to support and protect

WATCH: Footage Shows Fauci Hailing “Extraordinary” Clinton Foundation During Peak “Slush Fund” Scandal.

Dr. Anthony Fauci praised the Clinton Foundation as “extraordinary” and influencing the world “in a positive way” during a 2014 speech unearthed by The National Pulse. The COVID-19 pandemic response leader made the comments while speaking at the Harvard School of Public Health’s series “Decision-making: Voices from the Field” on April 17th, 2014. Discussing how he disagreed with the Clinton administration’s approach to needle exchange programs, Fauci offered considerable praise for the Clinton Foundation: “President Clinton, who has done fantastic things since he was president particularly the Clinton Foundation which is really an extraordinary organization in a positive way, has

EXC: Clintons Accepted Up To $100,000 From Hunter Biden’s Chinese Energy Firm

The Clinton Foundation accepted a donation between $50,001 and $100,000 from CEFC China Energy Company, the firm which Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden’s son Hunter appears to have leveraged his father’s office to gain equity and kickbacks from. CEFC China Energy is the company implicated in the first New York Post email drop from the article, “Emails reveal how Hunter Biden tried to cash in big on behalf of family with Chinese firm.” Emails obtained by the outlet show how Hunter Biden “pursued lucrative deals involving China’s largest private energy company — including one that he said would be “interesting for

Who Is Gilbert Chagoury? And Why Won’t The Media Tell Us?

If you haven’t noticed today, the American media is going nuts about Donald Trump’s $25,000 donation to Pamela Bondi’s re-election campaign. Bondi, the Florida Attorney General, is said to have been considering investigating Trump University at the time that the donation occurred. Don’t get me wrong. NBC, CNN, the Washington Post, and basically every other news outlet are right to ask the obvious question. Are we really supposed to believe that there was no quid pro quo here? That’s a legitimate question. But can we please treat Hillary Clinton with the same level of skeptical cynicism? Can we be fair?

Five Most Shocking Details About the Clinton Foundation’s Corruption

Over the last few months, media scrutiny of Hillary Clinton has focused on the scandals related to her private email servers and alleged mishandling of classified information. Now, however, several news agencies have uncovered documents that appear to implicate the Clinton Foundation in a pay-to-play scheme, where funds were leveraged for access to the State Department. The media’s investigation of the Clinton Foundation is still ongoing. Reporters have only scratched the surface of the Foundation’s shady connections, and the influence of those connections on Clinton’s time as Secretary of State. However, the information that is publicly available at this time