Gates Foundation Funds Clinton Initiative to Force China Reliance On Developing World.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is funding a Clinton Health Access Initiative aimed at making developing countries reliant on China for healthcare and medical products, The National Pulse can reveal. The Microsoft co-founder’s foundation authorized a $560,021 grant to the Clinton Health Access Initiative in September, which will run for 18 months. The Clinton Health Access Initiative was originally a part of the controversial Clinton Foundation started by former President Bill Clinton but spun off into a separate organization in 2010 though Chelsea Clinton – the daughter of the former president and his wife Hillary – joined the initiative’s

Clinton Defense Sec: Trump Still Has 20% Chance to Win Election Despite Media Calls

Graham Allison, an Assistant Secretary of Defense under former President Bill Clinton, insisted President Trump retains a “viable, stealthy road to victory.” Allison, who served under Clinton as an Assistant Secretary of Defense for Policy and Plans from 1993 to 1994, wrote a piece entitled “Donald Trump’s Stealthy Road to Victory” for the National Interest on November 6th. “Without disagreeing with the conventional wisdom about the final tally when all the legal votes are counted, I believe the current consensus is missing the fact that Trump has a second, viable stealthy road to victory,” he notes. He predicts “the debate

Hunter Biden Called Clinton An ‘A**hole’… ‘Looks Like Sh*t’

Emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop reveal the former veep’s son describing former President Bill Clinton as an “asshole” and remarking he “looks like shit.” The email thread, entitled “Tweet by Jonathan Martin on Twitter,” includes Hunter Biden, business partner Eric Schwerin, and Deputy Counsel to then-Vice President Joe Biden Alexander Mackler. Schwerin flags a tweet from New York Times reporter Jonathan Martin where he relays that Bill Clinton blames “the tougher sentencing provisions from ’94 crime bill on… Biden!” 240 mark: Bill Clinton hangs the tougher sentencing provisions from '94 crime bill on… Biden! — Jonathan Martin (@jmartNYT) April 7, 2016 Eric

Beware the Russian Disinformation Trope.

Last week, the DOJ declassified three footnotes in the Inspector General’s FISA report. They showed the FBI knew Christopher Steele had associations with shady Russian oligarchs and that somebody — whose identity is redacted — suggested in 2017 that parts of the dossier may have included Russian disinformation. Some responded as if the footnotes revealed Vladimir Putin and not an FBI-CIA-Clinton conspiracy was responsible for the ridiculous machinations of Russiagate. National Review editor Rich Lowry was especially over-the-top, even managing by passive-aggressive link to turn the disclosures into a criticism of President Trump: In other words, the Kremlin may have