REVEALED: Critical Race Theory Advocates Sent Staff & Students On Chinese Communist Propaganda Trips.

The National Urban League – an outspoken defender of Critical Race Theory – has partnered with a Chinese Communist Party-linked influence group for over a decade, including inking deals to collaborate on education initiatives in American schools, The National Pulse can reveal. The National Urban League (NUL) – which purports to be a longstanding “civil rights organization dedicated to economic empowerment, equality, and social justice” for African Americans – focuses on influencing America’s education system. NUL is a proponent of Critical Race Theory (CRT) and sued the Trump administration in 2020 for banning the controversial, Marxist teaching plan. NUL’s advocacy,

WATCH: CDC Director Referred to Chinese Propaganda Org as An ‘Asset’.

An unearthed video from February 2020 reveals Principal Deputy Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Anne Schuchat praising Chinese Communist Party-funded Confucius Institutes as an “asset” for America’s COVID-19 response. Schuchat, who began the position under the Obama administration in 2015, praised the controversial initiative during a February 2020 press briefing. During the briefing, a spokesperson from the group’s U.S. headquarters inquires “if there is a space for nonprofits like ours to get involved and help either through translation or community outreach.” “The language and cultural competence of an organization like yours can be an asset to

EXC: Biden’s Asia Czar Was GUEST OF HONOR at CCP’s Confucius Institute Propaganda Conference.

Kurt Campbell – President Biden’s “Asia Czar” – delivered a keynote at a conference sponsored by Chinese Communist Party-funded Confucius Institutes. Campbell, who serves as the Coordinator for the Indo-Pacific at the National Security Council “leading” President Biden’s relationship with China, spoke at the 2011 National Chinese Language Conference (NCLC). The event’s archived website reveals two sponsors: Confucius Institutes Headquarters and Yale University Press. Confucius Institutes, which are hosted at American universities, have been described by Chinese government officials as “an important part of China’s overseas propaganda set-up.” The well-funded, controversial operations disguise themselves as language and culture initiative despite being replete with “undisclosed ties

Biden Quietly Revokes Trump’s Ban on Chinese Communist Propaganda in Schools

President Biden quietly revoked a Trump-era policy that compelled primary, secondary, and postsecondary institutions to disclose their relationships with Chinese Communist Party-funded Confucius Institutes. The policy – “Establishing Requirement for Student and Exchange Visitor Program Certified Schools to Disclose Agreements with Confucius Institutes and Classrooms” – was proposed on December 31st, 2020. “The rule would require colleges and K-12 schools that are certified to have foreign exchange programs to disclose any contracts, partnerships, or financial transactions from Confucius Institutes or Classrooms (the Confucius Institute offshoot for primary and secondary schools),” Axios noted. And the Trump administration’s proposals were well-warranted: the

Biden UN Pick Propagandized for China in Speech for CCP Funded Group

Linda Thomas-Greenfield, Joe Biden’s pick for Ambassador to the United Nations, delivered a lecture at a Confucius Institute in 2019 where she voiced favorable opinions on Chinese Communist Party involvement in Africa. The unearthed remarks follow National Pulse reporting on her ties to the Albright Stonebridge Group – a lobbying firm with deep ties to the Chinese Communist Party. She spoke at the Savannah State University Confucius Institute’s fifth-anniversary lecture event on Oct. 25, 2019 concerning “China-U.S.-Africa Relationships.” Per The Washington Post, “several Senate aides said the speech was too optimistic and soft regarding China’s policies and intentions in Africa

WINNING: Trump To Designate Chinese Propaganda ‘Confucius Institutes’ As Foreign Missions

The U.S. State Department is set to label Chinese Communist Party funded propaganda fronts known as Confucius Institutes as “foreign missions,” according to media reports. This follows months of National Pulse reporting on the malign influence of these controversial initiatives which target American schools with propaganda, intellectual property theft, and espionage – all at the behest by the Chinese Communist Party. Among the individuals and entities which have collaborated with Confucius Institutes, exposed exclusively by the National Pulse, are Joe Biden, Prince Andrew, Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser the National Press Club, the U.S. college entrance exam board, and even

Epstein-Linked Prince Andrew Inaugurated 1000th Chinese Propaganda Group, Accompanied by Xi Jinping

Prince Andrew christened a Confucius Institute and extolled the controversial Chinese government-funded propaganda fronts while also visiting a British company collaborating on China’s exploitative One Belt One Road initiative – with all events occurring alongside President Xi Jinping in 2015.  Prince Andrew, who “lobbied” the U.S. government to grant Jeffrey Epstein a lighter sentence and is the subject of intense speculation, inaugurated a Confucius Classroom alongside President Xi Jinping in 2015, praising the propaganda-ridden initiative as a boon for collaboration. However, Confucius Classrooms, the primary school complement to college-level Confucius Institutes, have been identified by Members of the British Parliament


FLASHBACK: Xi Jinping Took Joe Biden To A CCP Propaganda School Where Biden Called The Communist Leader ‘Straightforward’ and ‘Open’

Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden gleefully visited a Chinese Communist Party-funded Confucius Classroom, praising Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping as “straightforward” and “open” during the 2012 exchange. As part of the Obama administration’s “Pivot to Asia”, which saw the U.S. make diplomatic and economic overtures to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in pursuit of closer ties, the former Vice President visited a Confucius Classroom at the California-based International Studies Learning Center (ISLC). Confucius Classrooms function as the elementary school complement to college-level Confucius Institutes, notoriously rife with Chinese propaganda, intellectual property theft, and espionage per the Federal Bureau of Investigation