BREAKING: Democrat Brief Claims U.S. Election Results Never Rejected Before – That’s A MASSIVE Lie.

The Democrats have released their legal brief for the upcoming impeachment trial of President Donald J. Trump, falsely claiming that “No president had ever refused to accept an election result or defied the lawful processes for resolving electoral disputes. Until President Trump.” But their candidates sure have. In fact, almost every Republican victory at recent Presidential elections have seen the results challenged… by Democrats. And plenty of historical U.S. elections have been privy to challenges, too. In recent history Democrats have exclusively been the ones to challenge election victories for their political opponents. In 1969, in 2011, in 2005, and

Myanmar Coup Prompts ‘Chaos’ At WH, Fears Over Angering China

The Biden White House’s response to the unfolding coup in Myanmar has been described by insiders as “chaos” – including fears over angering the Chinese Communist Party with its response. As reported by Politico, people close to the Biden administration have been “frustrated” by the response“: People familiar with the Biden administration’s internal deliberations told Politico on Monday that U.S. officials appeared to be frustrated by the developments, not least because of the timing, and were scrambling to figure out how to coordinate, respond — domestically as well as internationally — and whether to call what happened a “coup.” One described the


Soros-Linked Impeachment Witness Fiona Hill Echoes Calls For ‘Electoral Commission’

Fiona Hill, a former Board Member at George Soros’s Open Society Institute who notoriously testified during the Democrat’s 2019 impeachment attempt, echoed former Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats’s calls for a “bipartisan” election commission.   While speaking at CNN’s Citizen Conference, Hill, who also served as Deputy Assistant to the President and Senior Director for European and Russian Affairs on the National Security Council in the Trump administration, offered support for Coat’s proposition of a “bipartisan election commission.” Coats, a solidly establishment Republican and perennial Trump critic, called for the commission via a New York Times op-ed, “What’s at Stake in