Matt Gaetz Just Shared Threatening Texts from… REPORTERS.

So-called “reporters” have been sending threatening messages to people, demanding they invent fake stories about Congressman Matt Gaetz in exchange for their names being kept out of the news.  The office of Rep. Gaetz (FL-1) released the messages to John Solomon’s Just The News on Tuesday, appearing on the veteran reporter’s podcast on the same day. “[T]ime and time again, what a reporter will do is contact someone that maybe I’ve had a relationship with, maybe I haven’t had any relationship with, maybe I’ve only been in the same room with one time,” Gaetz told the John Solomon Reports podcast.

Daily Beast’s Will Sommer Claims Proud Boys Leader ‘Invited’ to White House… He Was on a Public Tour

Left-wing magazine writer Will Sommer – employed by The Daily Beast – has falsely claimed that Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio was “invited” into the White House when in fact he was on a public tour. The claim – made by Sommer on Twitter – uses a picture from Tarrio’s Parler account where the Proud Boys chief is standing in front of the White House. Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio appears to have been invited to the White House. Pic from his Parler account this morning. — Will Sommer (@willsommer) December 12, 2020 Sommer didn’t check his claim about