Democrats Intro Bill To Strip Federal Grants From Employers Conducting Criminal Background Checks.

House Democrats introduced a bill to block forms of federal grants from going to employers that conduct criminal background checks, or even “inquire” about the criminal history of an applicant. The bill, introduced by Representatives David Trone and Maxine Waters, seeks to “amend” the Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act of 1968 by “conditioning eligibility for grants” under the Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) Program. JAG grants, according to the Department of Justice, compose the “leading source of federal justice funding to state and local jurisdictions.” The program “provides states, tribes, and local governments with critical funding

Democrats Sue To Block AZ Election Audit.

Arizona Democrats are suing to halt the state’s ballot recount and audit of the 2020 election. The lawsuit, filed by the Arizona Democratic Party and the sole Democrat on the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, alleges “Republican Senate President Karen Fann and another GOP senator promised a judge that they would protect the secrecy of the ballots and voter privacy before he ruled the Senate could access 2.1 million voted ballots and the tabulation machines used to count them.” The lawsuit seeks a temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction blocking the audit and recount, emphasizing its lack of transparency would

Democrat Mayor, BLM Activist Hit With 11 Child Sex Felony Charges.

A former California Democrat mayor and vocal Black Lives Matter (BLM) activist has been charged with almost a dozen felony crimes connected to a child sexual assault investigation. Robert Jacob, progressive former mayor of Sebastopol in Sonoma County, Northern California, was arrested for “five felony and one misdemeanor sexual assault charges against a minor,” according to a statement from the Sebastopol Police Department. Last Tuesday, when he appeared in the Sonoma County Superior Court, the number of Jacob’s felony charges was increased to 11. Jacob has been a proponent of “defunding the police,” as had child sex offender Christopher DeVries

Democrat Bill Would Stop Future Presidents Lowering Refugee Intake Quota.

House Democrat introduced a bill that would prevent any future president from lowering the cap for refugee admissions below 125,000. The bill, dubbed the “‘Lady Liberty Act of 2021,” counts support from over 50 House Democrats and has been referred to the Committee on the Judiciary. The 2-page bill seeks to “amend the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) to provide for a minimum number of refugees who may be admitted in any fiscal year after fiscal year 2022.” To do so, the act would amend Section 207(a) of the INA by inserting after ‘‘in any fiscal year after fiscal year

Dem Candidate Insists on Recounts, Audits… But Only for the Race She Lost

Rita Hart, a Democratic House candidate, called for a recount in her district where she alleges “several recording errors critically changed the direction of the race.” Hart, who lost the Iowa district to her Republican counterpart with a razor-thin margin of 6 votes, did not extend her call, for recounts and audits, however, to the presidential race. In a video posted to Twitter, she outlines how she decided “to challenge the latest vote totals before the U.S. House of Representatives.” “After looking into the options available to make sure all the votes are counted, it’s clear that the state of

Dem Mayor Slams Biden, Predicts HUGE Victory for Trump

Justin Taylor, a Democratic Mayor from the critical swing state of Pennsylvania, wagered there would be a “huge victory and huge numbers” for President Trump while hammering how Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has done little for American workers. Taylor, who serves as Mayor of Carbondale, Pennsylvania, told the War Room: Pandemic show that he feels President Trump will win a resounding victory in the upcoming election, emphasizing that under Biden, the Democratic party has drifted too far to the left. “I see a huge turnout, a huge victory, huge numbers for Trump, and I honestly see that across the

EXC: Biden Donor Group Sends 225,000+ Ballot Requests, Including for DEAD Citizens

A self-described “voter participation” group which donates exclusively to Democrats and Joe Biden’s presidential campaign has been caught making en masse ballot requests for deceased people. The Center for Voter Information was described by the Washington Post as having “a history of sending error-ridden mailers” but also labeled it “nonpartisan” – a farcical and manifestly false claim. The group is responsible for sending over 225,000 ballot request forms to residents in Texas, many of whom are deceased. As reported by local news, one individual received multiple ballot request forms for her deceased husband: “Kristen Link received four ballot request forms in

AP: Democrat Congressman Fires Racist Press Aide After National Pulse Investigation

Following an investigation into the racist tweets by House Democrat staffer Shelbie Bostedt, the Associated Press reports Ms. Bostedt no longer works for Nevada Democrat Congressman Steven Horsford. According to the Associated Press: A press secretary for U.S. Rep. Steven Horsford of Nevada is no longer working for the Democratic congressman after a conservative website published an article detailing old tweets in which she used racial and anti-gay slurs. An article posted by The National Pulse last week identified more than 20 tweets made by Shelbie Bostedt in 2012 and 2013 that involved use of racial or anti-gay slurs or