EXC: Discovery Channel Produces Show ‘Under Instruction and Supervision’ Of Chinese Communist Party, Boasts ‘Development of Socialism’

The Discovery Channel is producing a show – The Day I Ran China – “under the instruction and supervision” of the Chinese Communist Party, pushing party talking points and promoting tech firms banned by various U.S. federal agencies, The National Pulse can reveal. The show recently launched its second season with the theme, “Exploring the Development of a New Socialist Countryside to the World.” The show summarizes itself as allowing young “entrepreneurs from around the world to become apprentices in China’s remote and mysterious countryside, gaining hands on experience with the vast nation’s diverse ethnic groups.” The show appears to

Spectator Mag, ‘GB News’ Chief Andrew Neil Admits ‘Pro Immigration, Pro Amnesty’ Ideology

The ostensibly right-leaning Spectator magazine’s Chairman has admitted his platform is “pro-immigration” and “pro amnesty for illegal immigrants.” Andrew Neil is supposed to launch the Fox News-style “GB News” channel in the United Kingdom later this year. Neil took offense when connected with the conservative, nationalist Hungarian government on Twitter. The 25-year BBC veteran, who has made a living off running a notionally conservative magazine, finally revealed his and his magazine’s true position. Responding to someone pointing out that Neil and the Spectator had held an event with a Hungarian government-linked think tank, he responded: “Some columnists might like Orban.