The Federal Reserve Will Be on the Ballot in 2016

At last, a powerful critique of the economic harm caused by the Federal Reserve’s artificially low interest rate policy (brought to light by Judy Shelton in an excellent blog for The Hill).  “Financial Repression: the Unintended Consequences,” published by the Swiss Reinsurance


Elizabeth Warren’s Strange Journey

A friend who was a student of Elizabeth Warren at the University of Pennsylvania Law School assures me that back then she was a Republican.  So she has some history of political mobility.  But even by Washington standards, her latest flip (or


The Horrors of Dodd-Frank “Banking”

With “Audit the Fed” being described as the “direst threat” to the Fed since Dodd-Frank, it’s worth while noting the mounting number of horrid consequences to actual people who need to make a living, especially from the federalization of banks. Today’s Wall

Is the Fed Off-Limits?

The liberal economic elite is circling the wagons to preserve the Federal Reserve.  Alan Blinder denounces proposed laws which will “encourage congressional meddling with monetary policy.”  Catherine Rampell takes up the cudgel against legislation mandating an audit of the Fed, on the