CNN Has An Institutional Sex Pest Problem.

UPDATE – On the morning of Wednesday, February 2nd, 2022, the President of CNN, Jeff Zucker, resigned amidst news about his own inappropriate relationship with a colleague. The National Pulse article that follows was originally published on December 30th, 2021 and was entitled: "CNN Has An Institutional Sex Problem and It's Time for Answers." You can support our prescient work by clicking here. The original article follows below: With a second CNN staffer under investigation for alleged sex crimes involving children, 2021 could define the network’s freefall under repeated sexual scandals. Instead of investigating their own employees’ culture of sexual

CNN’s Don Lemon Admits He “Talks to Audience ABOUT The News,” Doesn’t Do “Straight Newscasts”

CNN anchor Don Lemon conceded in a recent interview that although he is billed as an unbiased news caster, he is anything but. When compared to a fellow anchor in NBC’s Lester Holt, Lemon was quick to define the differences between the two and the way they ‘report’ on the news. He stated: I am a news anchor, but I don’t do what Lester Holt does. This isn’t a criticism, just trying to show you the difference. I love and respect Lester. We’re both news anchors, but our jobs are different. Lester does a straight newscast every night. I do

Donald Trump Just Unloaded On The Media… Yikes!

It’s open war between Donald Trump and the liberal media, and the President isn’t holding back. In a recent interview with TIME, Trump unloaded on some of his fiercest critics: Joe Scarborough (MSNBC): I don’t watch MSNBC. Scarborough used to treat me great. But because I don’t do interviews and stuff and want to … He went the other way. Which is fine. He’s got some problems. But I don’t watch the show anymore. It drives him crazy. I don’t watch the show. Chris Cuomo (CNN): CNN in the morning, Chris Cuomo, he’s sitting there like a chained lunatic. He’s