Pennsylvania Governor Vetoes Down Syndrome Abortion Ban

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf vetoed a bill on Thursday that would have banned abortions based on prenatal Down syndrome diagnosis. Why? Because he believes women “must be able” to abort such babies. The bill was passed by the Republican-controlled Pennsylvania General Assembly the day before landing on the Democrat Gov. Wolf’s desk. It was aimed at protecting those with a prenatal Down syndrome diagnosis from being aborted, but included exceptions for rape, incest, and medical emergencies. “There is no evidence that this bill is needed in Pennsylvania,” Gov. Wolf commented in his veto message, adding: This legislation is a restriction

Down Syndrome Abortion Ban Introduced in U.S. Senate

Unborn children who are diagnosed with Down syndrome can often be targets for abortion. A bill recently introduced in the U.S. Senate seeks to change that, making it illegal to abort a baby solely because of such a diagnosis. Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.) has introduced the Down Syndrome Discrimination by Abortion Prohibition Act, which was referred to the Committee on the Judiciary. The text reads: It shall be unlawful to—perform an abortion—with the knowledge that a pregnant woman is seeking an abortion, in whole or in part, on the basis of— a test result indicating that the unborn child has

Judge Bars Ohio from Enforcing Down Syndrome Abortion Ban

A federal appeals court ruled on Friday that Ohio will not be allowed to enforce a 2017 law that bans abortion of unborn children that test positive for Down syndrome. Signed into law in December 2017 by Republican Governor John Kasich, House Bill 214 (the Down Syndrome Non-Discrimination Act) would have revised the Ohio code “to prohibit a person from performing, inducing, or attempting to perform or induce an abortion on a pregnant woman who is seeking the abortion because an unborn child has or may have Down Syndrome.” Immediately after the passage of the bill, the American Civil Liberties

Will This Pro-Life Indiana Law Provoke a Supreme Court Showdown?

The state of Indiana passed a crucial pro-life law in 2016, banning abortions based on the genetic abnormalities of the unborn child. Now, the state is asking the Supreme Court to uphold the law. Signed by Vice President Mike Pence when he was still the governor of Indiana, House Enrolled Act 1337 is comprehensive pro-life legislation. Among other things, the law “prohibits a person from performing an abortion if the person knows that the pregnant woman is seeking the abortion solely because of: (1) the race, color, national origin, ancestry, or sex of the fetus; or (2) a diagnosis or

Federal Court Asserts Right to Abort Babies Based on Sex, Race, Disability

An anti-abortion law signed by Vice President Mike Pence while he was still governor of Indiana was struck down as unconstitutional this past Thursday. Signed by then Governor Pence in March of 2016, House Enrolled Act 1337 (HEA 1337) provided several conditions that would prevent legal abortion in the state. For example, the legislation prohibits “a person from performing an abortion if the person knows that the pregnant woman is seeking the abortion solely because of: the race, color, national origin, ancestry, or sex of the fetus; or a diagnosis or potential diagnosis of the fetus having Down syndrome or any

Liberal Columnist: “I Would’ve Aborted” a Baby with Down Syndrome

The Washington Post recently published a pro-abortion op-ed with the title “I would’ve aborted a fetus with Down syndrome. Women need that right.” Written by Ruth Marcus, the piece was in response to the passage of a number of recent state laws that bar women from aborting their babies solely because of a diagnosis of Down syndrome. “These laws are unconstitutional, unenforceable — and wrong,” argues Marcus. “I have had two children,” she explained. “I can say without hesitation that, tragic as it would have felt and ghastly as a second-trimester abortion would have been, I would have terminated those

MUST-WATCH: Actor with Down Syndrome Demolishes Pro-Abortion Argument

If there’s anything that’s worth taking some time to watch this week, it is this video of Frank Stephens’ opening comments when speaking to the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Labor, Health and Human Services, Education, and Related Agencies. Stephens is an actor, speaker, and advocate. He also has Down syndrome. He spoke to the congressional committee on behalf of the Global Down Syndrome Foundation in order to join the committee’s discussion on the state of science for Down syndrome research. In his opening comments, Stephens brought up the “final solution” being pushed by many as the answer to Down syndrome

What Do White Supremacists and Icelandic Abortionists Have in Common?

Whether it was Icelanders boasting about killing their unborn children with Down syndrome or white supremacists and counter protestors clashing in Charlottesville, last week’s news was filled with stories that show prejudice and violence come in many different forms. Although these events took place thousands of miles and an ocean apart, they have one thing in common — they involve one group of people pronouncing their superiority over another which they consider to be inferior based on some arbitrary determination. Such prejudice begins with hateful rhetoric and usually ends with the taking of innocent life. In Iceland, the victims have