WATCH – Rep. Gaetz Grills FBI Director on Dr. Yan Whistleblower/COVID Origins.

Congressman Matt Gaetz (FL-1) has grilled FBI director Christopher Wray on the origins of the coronavirus and what Wray and his FBI knew as Chinese defector/whistleblower Dr. Yan entered the United States in April 2020. Dr. Yan – who has published a wealth of evidence about the man-made nature of the COVID-19 virus – risked her life entering the United States under the tutelage of Steve Bannon and other dissident groups in the U.S. Derided by the corporate media, Dr. Yan interacted with FBI agents as early as possible in an attempt to warn American authorities about the cover-up by

New Dr. Yan Report Blasts CCP-Aligned Scientists, Asserts ‘Bioweapon’ Hypothesis.

A new report from Dr. Li-Meng Yan gives further credence to the oft-dismissed “lab theory” and goes further by asserting the virus is an “Unrestricted Bioweapon.” The March 31st report can be read, in full, below. Dr. Yan et al claim: A massive misinformation campaign has been undertaken by the CCP government to cover up the true origin of SARS-CoV-2, which involved destroying data and samples, publishing fabricated viruses on top scientific journals, controlling the narrative of the origin debate through bribed top scientists and organizations, amplifying the falsified natural origin theory through media control, labeling all other origin theories

EXC: Harvard Center Attacking COVID Lab Theory Has Extensive Financial and Personnel Links With The Chinese Communist Party.

The organization behind a recent report attempting to discredit COVID-19 studies authored by Dr. Li-Meng Yan is run by the Research Director of Harvard’s Shorenstein Center, an entity with long-standing, extensive ties to the Chinese Communist Party. The report leans heavily on scientific studies funded by Chinese government-funded and military-linked grants, The National Pulse can today reveal. Studies authored by Dr. Yan, a former Hong Kong School of Public Health researcher, concluded that COVID-19 was a man-made virus originating from the Chinese Communist Party. “The Media Manipulation Casebook,” however, claimed Dr. Yan’s work was a “misleading article masquerading as science,

‘Unrestricted Bioweapon’: China Whistleblower Dr. Yan Releases New Report Claiming Coronavirus Is ‘Laboratory Product’

The long-awaited second report from Dr. Li-Meng Yan – the Chinese whistleblower who came to the United States to expose the Chinese Communist Party’s virus – has been released. And it’s explosive.  The report, embedded below, explains: Two possibilities should be considered for the origin of SARS-CoV-2: natural evolution or laboratory creation. In our earlier report titled “Unusual Features of the SARS-CoV-2 Genome Suggesting Sophisticated Laboratory Modification Rather Than Natural Evolution and Delineation of Its Probable Synthetic Route”, we disproved the possibility of SARS-CoV-2 arising naturally through evolution and instead proved that SARS-CoV-2 must have been a product of laboratory

Chinese Communist Party Arrests Mother Of Coronavirus Whistleblower Dr. Yan

The mother of Dr. Li-Meng Yan, a Chinese virologist who claims the Chinese Communist Party intentionally manufactured and released COVID-19, has been arrested by the Chinese government. Dr. Yan, who shared her theories on The National Pulse show and Tucker Carlson Tonight, also released a research paper insisting the coronavirus was “lab modified.” According to Stephen K. Bannon and Chinese Communist Party dissident Miles Guo, Dr. Yan’s mother has been arrested by Chinese government officials. Reports from Guo’s media outlet G News detail the circumstances of the arrest, and Guo insists former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani has offered