This Mother Showed Up to A School Board Meeting Wearing the Same Outfit as a ‘Drag Performer’ to Demonstrate How Inappropriate It Was For Kids.

After an Iowa high school’s student LGBT club hosted a “drag performance” on school grounds in May, an angry parent showed up to a school board meeting in the same outfit as the performer. Activist Kimberly Reicks, the founder of Iowa Mama Bears and another group called Freedom Over Fear, stood in front of an Ankeny Community School Board meeting wearing a revealing leotard similar to one worn by the drag performer who had been invited to do a show for students in the district. In a viral image from the event, Reicks can be seen standing next to a

Drag Queen Labeled ‘Kind And Good’ By AOC Releases Video Targeting Children

RuPaul’s Drag Race Star and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez favorite “Nina West” released a “Drag Alphabet” music video aimed at teaching young children how to recite the alphabet using Drag community lingo. The song is part of West’s “Drag is Magic” album and initiative to “refocus everyone to remind them that [West] wanted to also be in the children’s space,” as she told Decider.   The video relates each letter in the alphabet to terms ostensibly familiar to drag queens and their fans. For example, West sings “J is for jush,” “K is for ki ki,” and “V is for va va

Storytelling Drag Queens — Coming Soon to a Public Library Near You

This month, the Maricopa County Library District canceled an event at their annual LibraryCon called “Reading With the Queens.” The event, in which three drag queens were to read diversity and tolerance-themed stories to children, was canceled by the Library District’s administration citing it had “no connection to the spirit of the LibraryCon event” and didn’t meet their story time program guidelines. One of the drag performers believed the cancellation to be based on discrimination: It’s disheartening but we are stereotyped. So Drag Queens don’t want to be stereotyped? Who knew? While many are puzzled by the concept of pairing