Emmett McGroarty to GOP candidates at CPAC: “Are you fighting the Common Core?”

At 10 a.m. this morning, Emmett McGroarty, one of the architects of the Common Core rebellion, spoke at CPAC, asking GOP presidential candidates: “[A]re you fighting the Common Core? Are you fighting for change in the federal government that will prevent a travesty like this from ever happening again? That’s what candidates are going to have to answer. The voters want acknowledgement that the Common Core is of poor quality and that it was forced upon them.” When pro-Common Core leaders (like Ohio Gov. John Kasich) regurgitate their talking points, McGroarty has some advice for concerned moms and other GOP primary

On Common Core, Bobby Jindal Leads

The following is adapted from APP Chairman Sean Fieler’s introduction of Gov. Bobby Jindal at the American Principles Project gala on Feb. 5 in Washington D.C. To the parents from all over the country, from Maryland, New York, Ohio, Louisiana and Indiana that have joined us here today:  you are the reason that we are winning.  And, not just winning, but winning on principle. And not just any principle, but the principle of human dignity. For we understand what America’s founders so clearly understood: that we are endowed with rights and dignity not from the state but from our Creator.  If