ESPN Claims They’re Not Liberal… Using a Poll That Shows They’re Liberal

As I’ve covered before, many media observers have pointed to ESPN’s increasing leftward tilt as a reason for their hemorrhage of viewers and subscribers. ESPN has taken notice of this criticism, and yesterday, the sports network came out with a survey on the matter that confirms their bias — though you wouldn’t know it based on ESPN’s spin of their own poll. A survey conducted May 3-7 — a month before they finally released the results, curiously — found that of viewers who think ESPN has a political bias, 63 percent thought it has a liberal bias while 30 percent thought

ESPN’s Left-Wing Radicalism Costs Them Big League

It was a bloodbath at ESPN this week as they announced they were laying off a staggering 100 employees — many of them prominent writers and on-air personalities. ESPN canned staff at various levels, from reporters to writers to on-air anchors. They cut employees across the board, but the losses will be felt the greatest within ESPN’s diminishing baseball crew and its all-but-gutted NHL crew. The news comes as ESPN’s profits have been tanking. It’s been a steep decline for what was once the mightiest of cable networks. The reasons for ESPN’s decline are numerous. Their business model is built on