The EU is Speeding Towards Digital ID, Currency, and Biometric Systems for Tracking Citizens.

A consortium of six European nations is pushing for a new, digital, cross-border payment system which ultimately aims to combine the EU Digital Identification program with a digital euro. The NOBID (Nordic-Baltic eID) project – which is comprised of the governments of Denmark, Germany, Iceland, Latvia and Norway – is being supported by multinational banks, large technology firms, and other government agencies from across Europe. NOBID’s website describes the project – which sounds eerily similar the kinds of social credit system used by countries like Communist China – as the brainchild of the unelected European Commission. “The payment use case

DATA: Nearly 50% of Young Europeans Say Govts Using COVID for ‘Control’

Nearly half of young Europeans are skeptical of their government’s motives surrounding pandemic-related restrictions such as lockdowns and vaccine mandates, reveals a new European Council on Foreign Relations poll. The September 1st report notes that “one of the clearest consequences [of the COVID-19 pandemic] so far is a surge in cynicism among young people about governments’ intentions.” “The poll shows that younger people are less likely to believe that the main motivation of governments in introducing pandemic-related restrictions is to limit the spread of the virus,” the think tank summarizes in comparison to older generations. 23 percent of respondents aged

China Took Medical Supplies From Switzerland Despite European Shortages

With the help of the Chinese Communist Party, a group called the China-Switzerland Connection commandeered personal protective equipment from Swiss suppliers in the midst of Europe’s catastrophic shortage.  This is the latest example of China guzzling up vital medical supplies at the expense of other countries: a whistleblower at the CCP affiliated developer Greenland Group revealed employees were tasked with “sourcing bulk supplies of surgical masks, thermometers, antibacterial wipes, hand sanitizers, gloves and Panadol for shipping” and a second Chinese behemoth, Country Garden, poached over 90 tons of equipment from Australia. It certainly goes against the CCP’s narrative that it

Belgian Govt Gifts Masks To Refugees, Leaves Hospitals Begging Citizens For Masks

Belgium’s government instructed citizens to wash their hands as an adequate defense against the novel coronavirus. Meanwhile, the country’s sizable refugee population received high-quality protective masks. Minister of Health and Secretary of State for Asylum and Migration Maggie De Block placed an order for over $30,000 worth of surgical masks for the Klein Kasteeltje center for asylum seekers while simultaneously appearing on several television programs to push government’s official recommendation that washing hands was an adequate defense against the potentially deadly virus. And only one of those – masks – is a comprehensive, CDC-approved defense against coronavirus. While the massive

Why Did Trump Ban Europe Travel?

As the President’s latest announcements on coronavirus sink in, many are asking the question: why is travel from Europe banned? European authorities have reacted predictably to the ban, decrying President Trump’s refusal to consult them ahead of the announcement. The President of course has no such obligation. “The coronavirus is a global crisis, not limited to any continent and it requires cooperation rather than unilateral action,” the European Commission said. So why the ban, and what does it cover? The travel ban applies to people who have spent 14 days in countries which are part of the Schengen open borders