The European Union’s Days Are Numbered

Europe is embroiled in a serious health and economic crisis, with coronavirus exposing critical failures at the heart of the European Union. A lack of the oft-touted “solidarity” amongst European countries has led to a rise in skepticism which could mark the beginning of the end for the EU. Having failed to act when vulnerable member nations like Italy and Spain desperately begged for help, supplies, and a collective response to the virus, the European Union is now clamoring for relevance. Not a single EU country responded, instead banning exports of supplies for fear of suffering shortages in their own

EU Chief Scientist Resigns Over Coronavirus Response, No Longer Supports EU

The European Union’s chief scientist has resigned, stating he is no longer a believer in the European Union project following the bloc’s failures to address the coronavirus crisis. Prof. Mauro Ferrari announced his resignation as it became increasingly clear the European Union response had been lacking. Prof. Ferrari had only started his EU stint in January, and was due to serve a four year term. The Financial Times reported Ferrari’s words Tuesday afternoon: “I have been extremely disappointed by the European response to Covid-19… I arrived at the ERC a fervent supporter of the EU [but] the Covid-19 crisis

A Trump Trade War Would Be Sobering for American Whiskey

Over the last few weeks, President Trump has ignited a modern Whiskey Rebellion after revealing his interest in placing a tariff on foreign-made steel. In response to Trump’s protectionist threat, the European Union announced that (if Trump’s plan were enacted) they would respond with a series of tariffs of their own — including adding a new tax on American bourbon. To say the least, a trade war like this would not benefit the United States or Europe. While some in the Trump administration may hold out hope that the US steel industry would boom from such an arrangement, the reality