Coronavirus Pandemic Shows FCC Got It Right on ‘Net Neutrality’

Can our healthcare system manage the strain of potentially millions of sick patients? How will our economy cope with stay-at-home orders and millions of jobs lost? And what about our network capacity? Will an unprecedented surge in Internet use — especially with a newfound dependence on streaming video via conferencing services like Zoom — cause widespread congestion that might limit the ability of public health and safety professionals to do their jobs? COVID-19 has in many ways provided a test case to determine whether the FCC’s Restoring Internet Freedom (RIF) order is helpful or harmful to public safety. The controversial

No, Repealing Net Neutrality Will Not Lead to Doomsday. Here’s Why.

Today is a pretty normal Thursday in America for 2017. There’s some intense negotiating going on in Congress, some political speculation fueled by a Politico article, and some snow on the ground in many places. Just what you’d expect for a December weekday. But if you go on Reddit (which I don’t recommend, since it can be a seedy place), you’d think December 14, 2017 was the apocalypse or Y2K all over again. Tomorrow, we are going to wake up in a barren wasteland where people die as CEOs get rich. Why, you ask? The neckbearded geeks on sites like Reddit and 4chan are in