EXCLUSIVE: Election Firm ‘Konnech’ That Sent Poll Data to China Donated ALL Political Cash To Democrats… Including Joe Biden.

All the political donations made by employees of Konnech – the election management company whose CEO was recently arrested for allegedly storing information on election workers on servers in China – went to support Democratic candidates, The National Pulse can reveal. The unearthed political associations of the company, according to a Federal Election Commission (FEC) database, follows the arrest of Konnech CEO Eugene Yu. The Michigan-based company, which managed software responsible for organizing poll workers in Los Angeles County, is now “part of an investigation into the possible theft of personal identifying information of those workers,” according to authorities. The

Clinton Donor Turns TikTok Lawyer – The Latest Democrat to Get A High-Profile Job From a CCP-Linked Firm.

Matthew Penarczyk – a top lawyer for Microsoft and Hillary Clinton donor – is joining the Chinese Communist Party-linked TikTok app as its top lawyer. Penarczyk, who worked as a general counsel at Microsoft for nearly two decades, joined the controversial social media platform as its Head of Legal. The position makes him the “top lawyer” at the company and has him overseeing the U.S. and broader Americas region, including South America. Penarczyk new employer, however, has deep ties to the Chinese Communist Party. TikTok’s parent company ByteDance employs former Chinese Communist Party officials, including individuals with military ties, to executive

EXC: While Fauci Was Giving Bad Advice to Trump, He & His Family Were Donating to Joe Biden.

Dr. Anthony Fauci’s wife and children have exclusively donated to Democratic candidates – including Donald Trump’s opponents Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden, The National Pulse can reveal. The news comes shortly on the back of the revelation that Fauci is the highest earning, publicly-funded federal employee. Meaning he’s using your taxes to fund political candidates. Dr. Fauci’s wife, Christine Grady, heads the Department of Bioethics at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Clinical Center and has donated eight times to Democrat campaigns. According to the Federal Election Commission (FEC) database, every single penny of the total $2,450 sum has gone

EXCLUSIVE: Swalwell Took Donations from Chinese Communist Party Employee

Rep. Eric Swalwell – whose close relationship with a Chinese Communist Party intelligence operative was recently revealed – accepted donations from employees of Chinese Communist Party-owned companies, The National Pulse can reveal.  In the years 2014 and 2015, the California Congressman accepted a total of $6,000 from Victoria Li, an employee of Air China: a state-owned, Chinese Communist Party-run company. The airline and has received numerous politically motivated awards from the Chinese Communist Party, boasting the “Great Example of Building ‘Team of Four Highlights’ in National State-owned Enterprises”– on its own website:  Air China’s leadership has been awarded “Great Example of

‘Anonymous’ Trump Official Was Obama Donor All Along

Miles Taylor, the former Trump administration official who revealed himself as the author of an anonymous, scathing op-ed directed at President Trump, has donated to the campaigns of Democrat Barack Obama and Never Trumper Mitt Romney. Taylor also made headlines for publicly declaring his support for Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden despite being an alum of the Trump administration. His words were quickly seized upon by prominent Never Trump groups including the Lincoln Project and Republican Voters Against Trump. The author of the anonymous New York Times op-ed which vowed to “thwart” President Trump’s agenda backing Biden, however, should come as


EXCLUSIVE: So-Called Bipartisan ‘Transition Integrity Project’ Founder Sent THOUSANDS To Biden Campaign

Rosa Brooks – founder of the Transition Integrity Project which purports to be a bipartisan force stopping President Trump from “stealing” the 2020 election – has funneled over $5,000 to Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden’s campaign, according to Federal Election Commission records.  The Transition Integrity Project purports to be a neutral force but, in reality, the initiative is replete with fervent Never Trumpers and hard leftists. Not a single Trump-supporting Republican has been identified as a member. The project “war-gamed” election outcomes where Biden, played by John Podesta, refused to concede the election. And this revelation – donations between September