Huckabee Says Fix the Dollar (VIDEO)

Nick asked if former Governor Mike Huckabee understood the cure for wage stagnation.  I had a chance to ask him what he would do as President to address wage stagnation at a meet and greet event at a Pizza Ranch in Altoona,

Conservatives Talk Monetary Policy with Janet Yellen

Last Friday, a coalition of more than 20 conservatives and libertarians met with Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen to discuss the impact of Fed monetary policy on middle income and working families. The group, led by American Principles in Action Director of

Brookings Seeks Huge New Federal Reserve Power Grab

Progressives at Brookings are seeking to free up the federal government to become even more involved in mismanaging our money by declaring our current system “unconstitutional” and giving Washington even more direct control over our money, further eroding the principle of Fed

Janet Yellen Meets the Right

In my weekly column today, I described the presentations made at a meeting led by American Principles in Action with Federal Reserve Board Chair Janet Yellen and Governor Lael Brainard last Friday.  To read the full column, click here. An excerpt:

What Brian Domitrovic told Janet Yellen

Brian Domitrovic was one of 22 conservatives invited by American Principles in Action to meet with Janet Yellen last Friday. In his column yesterday for, Domitrovic reveals what he told the Fed Chair: In the era of the near-classical monetary standard, the economy

22 Conservatives Meet with Janet Yellen

Today, for the first time, Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen will meet with 22 conservatives, including APIA Board Chairman Sean Fieler (and Pulse blogger); APIA’s Director of Monetary Policy Steve Lonegan; Ralph Benko, APIA economic adviser (and Pulse blogger), and APIA board

Monetary Policy Shrinking Middle Class

At a CPAC panel on Thursday, APP’s executive director Terry Schilling told GOP candidates to look to monetary policy to explain the average family’s shrinking paycheck: “The demand for digital currency like Bitcoin is a symptom of a larger problem—failed monetary policy,”