Surprise! Wasteful Government Spending Abounds in Recent Omnibus Bill

This article is part of a series focusing on Lens of Liberty, a project of the Vernon K. Krieble Foundation In her Liberty Minute titled “Love My Dog,” Helen Krieble identifies a major problem with the federal government: A veterinarian in Massachusetts is studying how women react when they’re shown photographs of their children and their dogs. She hopes to find out whether mothers love their dogs as much as their children. Like millions of Americans my dog is a treasured family member and a reliable companion, so why does that relationship require scientific study? The federal government paid $370,000

3 Churches Sue FEMA for Religious Discrimination After Hurricane Harvey

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is facing a discrimination lawsuit from three different Houston churches. More than just homes were destroyed by Harvey; non-profit organizations, including churches and religious organizations, were as well. FEMA has a fund that provides for these groups: the Public Assistance Grant program. Per their website, “PA [Public Assistance] provides grants to state, tribal, territorial, and local governments, and certain types of PNP organizations so that communities can quickly respond to and recover from major disasters or emergencies.” Organizations such as museums and zoos have full access to these