White House Erects Mysterious New Concrete Wall Without Explanation.

The Biden White House is erecting a concrete wall in front of the building, with no apparent explanation for the security measure. Amidst the construction of the wall, live video feeds of the building were also reportedly killed. While the construction of security barriers can sometimes occur ahead of foreign heads of state visiting the U.S., no events have been publicly announced or scheduled. A construction team appears to have begun building the wall on the White House’s north lawn between the structure and a pre-existing iron fence, which was last remodeled in 2019. The construction of the wall follows

Capitol Police To Remove Fencing, Admitting No “Credible Threat Against Congress”.

Outer fencing surrounding the U.S. Capitol complex will be removed this weekend, with acting House Sergeant-at-Arms Timothy P. Blodgett admitting there is no “credible threat” that “warrants” the perimeter.  “In an email to members and staff, Blodgett said that by Monday, Independence and Constitution avenues will be open for traffic. The inner layer of fencing will remain around the Capitol Square area while the Architect of the Capitol makes security repairs to the Capitol,” Roll Call explains. The acting House Sergeant-at-Arms emphasized, “there does not exist a known, credible threat against Congress or the Capitol Complex that warrants the temporary

Senators Blast Capitol Police for Failing to Provide Credible Threat Intel to Justify DC Fence.

Republican senators wrote to the acting Chief of U.S. Capitol police questioning the presence of the National Guard and extensive fencing around the Capitol. The March 12th letter emphasizes how the justification for the two security measures remain unclear to the American people – and even the Senate. “Since the events of January 6th, Capitol Police has repeatedly failed to provide specific credible threat intelligence to adequately justify the current Capitol security posture, which remains disproportionate to the available intelligence,” the letter signed by five Republican senators notes. “As it relates to fencing, it is entirely unclear to us why

Petition To Stop Capitol Hill Fence Hits 25,000 Signatures.

A petition advocating against the construction of a permanent fence around the U.S. Capitol hit its goal of 25,000 signatures. Launched one month ago, the “Don’t Build a Permanent Security Fence Around the U​.​S. Capitol” petition was started by the Don’t Fence The Capitol group. “A permanent fence punishes we, the people, from seeing and accessing the People’s House,” the petition reasons. “Visitors and residents of DC would be punished by a permanent fence, a permanent scar on our beautiful city, and would lose access to this beautiful beacon of democracy,” it adds. The petition also notes that “security failures of