Parents Sue To Stop Schools Hiding Their Kids’ Gender Dysphoria

Wisconsin’s second-largest school district so far won’t back off a policy of keeping minor students’ transgender experimentation secret from their parents despite a new lawsuit filed Tuesday. A group of parents represented by Wisconsin Institute of Law and Liberty sued after the Madison Metropolitan School District refused to alter its policy of concealing childrens’ transgender behavior and related medical records from parents, no matter how young the child is. The district oversees children as young as preschoolers, and teaches gender identity politics to all ages, which research suggests may contribute to children identifying as transgender. Among other things, the district’s policy at

BBC Unleashes Gender Propaganda in English Schools

The BBC has unleashed a flagship of ideological imperialism on the schools of England. By a series of videos intended to indoctrinate teachers and students alike in the vagaries of gender ideology, citizens are being coerced to believe that there are 100 genders and that to disagree may land you in prison. This tyrannical episode gives new dimensions to the fable “The Emperor’s New Clothes.” Instead of mere swindling weavers coming to weave an invisible set of clothes, we have swindling gods coming to create a new reality. Instead of being found stupid and unfit for your station if you

Equality Is Not Our Military’s Foremost Concern — Effectiveness Is

U.S. Senator Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) last week tweeted out opposition to the ban on transgendered persons serving in the military. She said, “Banning transgender people from serving in our military violates the fundamental value at the heart of our country: equality. This cannot be our America.” Harris and others who want to see the ban lifted believe that the military should be inclusive. I don’t want the military to become inclusive. It is effective because it is exclusive. When I enlisted in the Army (I served in the Army National Guard from 1989 to 1997), I had to go down

Progressives Seek to Impose Gender Ideology on Va. School Curricula

School board members in Fairfax County, Va., are poised to vote June 14 on whether to implement changes regarding gender identity issues in the Family Life Education (FLE) curriculum for the county’s middle schoolers and high schoolers. Recommended changes to the current curriculum include redefining biological sex; adding lesson plans about gender identity and transgender ideology from a overtly biased perspective; and, perhaps most crucially, removing parents’ ability to opt-out their children from FLE programs. While this radical agenda may currently be limited to progressive strongholds, it is representative of the direction our country is headed in: one in which

RNC Votes to Support President Trump on Military Policy

Gathering for its annual Winter Meeting last week in Washington, D.C., the Republican National Committee unanimously passed an important resolution (provided in full below) supporting President Trump’s policy regarding transgender personnel in the military. President Trump initially tweeted his intentions on July 26th. In those tweets, he stated that “the U.S. Government will not accept or allow Transgender individuals to serve” in the military; and that the military “must be focused on decisive and overwhelming victory and cannot be burdened with the tremendous medical costs” and deployability problems that accommodating transgender people in the military entails. At the RNC Summer

Int’l Health Group Advocates Using Experimental Drugs on Transgender Children

According to new guidelines released yesterday, a leading international health organization is encouraging children under 16 who identify as transgender to undergo highly experimental hormonal therapies — such as puberty-blocking treatment and cross-sex hormones — aimed at making their bodies appear to be that of the other sex, despite the possibly damaging side effects of these therapies. The new clinical guidelines were developed by an international medical team and published by the Endocrine Society. Because of this organization’s vast membership base, its recommendations are expected to exert widespread influence on the type of medical care given to children around the

“3” and “40”: The Two Biggest Threats from the LGBT Lobby

It’s often difficult to determine what is truth and what is fiction when it comes to LGBT issues. And given how well-funded and deeply embedded pro-LGBT activists are in so many parts of American society, one side certainly has a monopoly on the propaganda — but they don’t have a monopoly on the truth. As the transgender issue gains steam in the weeks ahead, and as the Left attempts to bully defenders of reality into silence, Americans should keep two important numbers in mind: “3” and “40.” 3 Years Old: The Age at Which LGBT Activists Want to Allow Children

The Military Discriminates All the Time — And That’s a Good Thing

The howling from the media and leftists on the internet started literally within seconds of Trump’s series of tweets announcing that transgender people would not be accepted into the military. (For the record, he never should have announced it via Twitter — that’s not the place to make reforms to the military.) Most of these cries have involved the typical accusations of civil rights violations and discrimination. But these complaints presume that military service is a right. They forget that the military discriminates all the time — as it should. The military only accepts people who meet its basic standards