George Floyd’s Family Contributes To Chinese State-Run Media’s Documentary Pushing To Defund Police.

Relatives of George Floyd have repeatedly contributed to Chinese Communist Party-run media programs pushing for defunding police in the U.S.  Floyd’s aunt, Angela Harrelson, appeared on a China Global Television Network (CGTN) documentary “Police Brutality Victims Call For Police Reform” following an exclusive interview with the outlet in July 2020. A registered foreign agent in the U.S., the network is controlled by the Chinese Communist Party, airs forced confessions, and actively spreads propaganda to discredit credible accusations of genocide in the country’s Xinjiang province. “First thing I did was yell Perry because it’s like where am I at, what am I seeing?

On Day 90, Biden Claimed No Verdict Will Ever Be “Enough.”

On Day 90, Biden weighed in freely on the “right verdict” as the sequestered jury deliberated in the trial of Derek Chauvin. On Tuesday, April 20, as the jury deliberated in the trial of Derek Chauvin, President Joe Biden said he was “praying” for the “right verdict.” “I’m praying the verdict is the right verdict,” Biden said, conditioning his nationally-televised remarks on the fact that the jury was sequestered. “The evidence is overwhelming in my view.” Press secretary Jen Psaki refused to clarify exactly what the president’s remarks meant—even though the meaning was obvious—saying that the president has been “impacted”

Philly Schools Just Put George Floyd ‘Murder’ & “Pyramid of Hate” into Kindergarten Curriculum.

Philadelphia Public Schools are implementing discussion about George Floyd’s “murder” and theories that America is built on a “pyramid of hate” into Kindergarten through second-grade curricula.  Leaked documents from the city’s Office of School Climate and Culture obtained by Manhattan Institute Senior Fellow Christopher Rufo also allege American culture culminates in “genocide.” A mock lesson plan for students in Kindergarten through second grade reveals teachers are required to address the death of George Floyd in the classroom. “Talk with others about what happened to George Floyd and the goals of the Black Lives Matter Movement,” the document suggests before also encouraging