Steve Forbes’ “Blunt Truth” About Money

I had the pleasure of attending an event in New York City last week for the unveiling of George Gilder’s new book, The 21st Century Case for Gold: A New Information Theory of Money. The book is cutting edge and definitely worth the read. One of the speakers at the event was Steve Forbes, the former presidential candidate and current Editor-in-Chief of Forbes Magazine. Steve is one heck of a speaker, and he spoke positively about George Gilder’s new book: I think the significance of what George has done…He has given [monetary policy] a wider perspective. The blunt truth is: you can

Huckabee’s Economic Populism

Over at the National Journal, Josh Kraushaar makes the case against smartypants politically dismissing Mike Huckabee in a column tellingly called “Mike Huckabee’s Message is as Formidable as Jeb Bush’s Money”. Kraushaar’s point: While other GOP candidates repeat well-rehearsed talking points about regulation, taxes, and energy, Huckabee is looking for ways to distinguish himself from the pack by a distinctively populist-sounding economic message.  First, he is pointedly taking Social Security privatization and/or a reduction of benefits for retirees off the table. “If Congress wants to take away someone’s retirement, let them end their own Congressional pensions—not your Social Security,” as

George Gilder on the Power of Money

An article published last week by the New York Business Journal covered George Gilder’s recent appearance at the OnFinance conference. During his remarks to the conference’s attendees, Gilder endorsed the use of bitcoin in no uncertain terms: “I think bitcoin should be conceived, first, as a new infrastructure for the Internet, a new transactions layer that the Internet drastically needs today,” Gilder boldly declared during the daylong OnFinance conference held by AlwaysOn, the San Francisco-based media and events company aimed at entrepreneurs and the VC industry. Gilder has an impressive résumé in the field of economics which lends credence to