Germany Wants to Tax Citizens With Higher CO2 Use and Gas-Powered Cars.

The German government may tax individuals with high carbon footprints at heavier rates than their fellow, eco-friendly citizens. Activities that could trigger a higher tax rate, as reported by German media outlets, include driving gasoline-powered or large cars, engaging in frequent air travel, and living in a large place of residence. The policy enjoys support from the country’s left-wing Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection Robert Habeck, who recently floated a “climate tax” on new car registrations, according to a strategy paper by the government agency obtained by the German news outlet Handelsblatt. The government described the tax

A Teenage Girl Was Beaten for Not Wearing a Mask Just Days After Politicians and the Media Riled Up Pro-Mandate Demonstrators.

Six adults argued with, then viciously attacked a 17-year-old girl in the Prenzlauer Berg district of Berlin, Germany, for her refusal to wear a mask on a tram carriage this weekend, according to local reports. The six adults are reported to have beaten the teenager so badly that she required hospitalization. The attack – which came just days after the country’s President demanded “louder” and “more visible” pro-mandate activities – was also reported to have included racial slurs. Both men and women involved in the attack are said to have informed the girl about the mask requirement prior to thrashing

Oppressive COVID Measures for the Unvaccinated Were Based on ‘Software’ Error, Claims German Minister.

The “pandemic of the unvaccinated” was caused by a computer glitch. That was the conclusion of the Health Minister of Germany Karl Lauterbach, after months of vilifying the unvaccinated in the nation’s second largest city, Hamburg. In November 2021, news outlets reported on the increasing “incident numbers” in the city – where the figure grew from 111.6 infected people per 100,000 to 160 per 100,000 in a span of few of days. By the end of November, that number shot up from 209.2 to a record of 223.3. The ostensibly drastic increases have been used to legitimize new COVID policy

REPORT: Nearly 80% of Omicron Cases are in Vaccinated People.

Nearly 80 percent of reported cases of the Omicron COVID-19 variant in Germany occurred in fully vaccinated individuals, according to a new report from the federal government. Note: This article has been updated following an error by the German federal government. Following publication, the Robert Koch Institute issued a revision to the report’s figures documenting transmission of the Omicron variant. 1,097 unvaccinated people and 4,020 vaccinated people now comprise the cohort analyzed in the paper. This new data still shows that the overwhelming majority – 78.6 percent – of cases occurred in vaccinated people. The original report, with appropriate edits,

Governments Want Crackdown on Telegram App Used to Organize Anti-COVID Lockdown Protests.

In the past few days, German politicians have declared messaging app Telegram a threat to democracy and a hotbed of radicalization. The latest round of attacks on free communication comes after weeks of protests in Germany against the COVID-19 measures. Protests have been mobilized via Telegram and other online community platforms. Since the beginning of December, the debate about the Telegram app has raged across the German media. Concurrent to the protests news stories – such as from the Tagesschau and Deutsche Welle – framed the platform as a hub for dangerous conspiracies, vaccine misinformation, and the driving force behind

After a Murder Over Mask-Wearing, Authorities Are Cracking Down on COVID Skeptics on Telegram.

After a gas station cashier was killed following an argument over mask wearing, the German government started pressuring social media platforms to censor groups over what has become known as “corona misinformation.” The State of Thüringen’s Interior Minister George Mair specifically called for the urgent regulation and classification of Telegram as a social network in order to foist new rules on the platform. Currently the “Netzwerdurchsetzungsgesetz” law in Germany requires social media platforms to delete whatever the government deems as “criminal” content, and even to report them to the Federal Criminal Policy Agency (Bundeskriminalamt). Platforms such as Telegram, however, have

Former Spy Arrested for Serving as Double Agent for China.

A former spy for the German secret service has been arrested on suspicion of conducting “intelligence agent activities” on behalf of the Chinese Communist Party. The federal prosecutor issued a press release about the man, called Klaus L., who “allegedly supplied the Chinese secret service with information for almost a decade, starting in 2010. At the same time, however, he was an informant for the German Federal Intelligence Service (BND). German public broadcaster ARD reported that the man, now 75, provided the BND with information for 50 years, leading a ‘double life.'” The man worked for the Hanns Seidel Foundation

BREAKING: At Least 2 Dead, 10 Injured As Car Plows Through German Pedestrian Zone

A car crashing into pedestrians in Germany has left at least two individuals dead and ten injured. The crash, occurring on December 1st in the afternoon, was located in the southwestern city of Trier. Per the Associated Press, “German police say 2 killed, several injured in Trier when car hits pedestrians; driver arrested.” The Trier Police Department similarly shared on Twitter that “Several dead and injured in downtown Trier. A driver is captured. More information will follow. Care for the injured has absolute priority!” A witness told a local newspaper that a dark gray Range Rover “travelled through the street