Poll: Most Brits Want Harry and Meghan to Put a Sock in It.

More than half of British people polled want to hear less from Harry and Meghan Markle, according to a Newsweek poll. The survey, conducted by Redfield & Wilton on behalf of Newsweek, quizzed 1,500 British adults last Wednesday. The poll found that 54 percent of respondents said “they would prefer to hear less about” Harry and Meghan, while just 18 percent “wanted to hear more.” Nineteen percent stated “they wanted to hear about the same amount” as they hear now. The numbers change considerably based on age group, however.  In the 18 to 24-year-old demographic, 46 percent said that they wished

Trump DESTROYS Meghan Markle, ‘I’m Not a Fan of Hers… I Wish Harry Luck… He’s Gonna Need It’

President Trump just wrecked Meghan Markle during a White House press event.  When asked about Meghan and Harry’s inappropriate intervention in the U.S. election, Trump responded in kind: “I’m not a fan of hers and I would say this, and she’s probably heard that… but I wish a lot of luck to Harry, because he’s gonna need it.” Markle and her husband, once beloved to Britons, recorded a video clearly aimed at vilifying Trump. They said yesterday: “As we approach this November, it’s vital that we reject hate speech, misinformation and online negativity. When the bad outweighs the good, for