REVEALED: Chinese Communists Subsidized Trips For Western Journalists for Over 25 Years – CNN, NPR, WaPo, NYT, Reuters, ABC, NBC & More.

Several Chinese Communist Party-linked groups – including the regime’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs – have subsidized trips to China for American journalists in an effort to “enhance” their understanding of U.S.-China relations since the 1990’s, The National Pulse can reveal from recovered webpages deleted by program sponsors. Among the outlets sending journalists to participate in the trips are The New York Times, The Washington Post, National Public Radio (NPR), CNN, Reuters, POLITICO, and more. The “China-United States Journalism Exchange” is sponsored by the New York-based East-West Center, All-China Journalists Association, and the Better Hong Kong Foundation. Inaugurated in 2010, the program expanded

New York Times Pushes Chinese Communist Party Propaganda Over Hong Kong

The New York Times is peddling Chinese Communist Party propaganda again, this time running an op-ed entitled “Hong Kong Is China, Like It Or Not” extolling the Chinese government’s crackdown on the territory and declaring “Hong Kong is part of China and its destiny is intertwined with the mainland’s.” The nearly 2,000-word op-ed was penned by Regina Ip, a Chinese Communist Party official who served as Hong Kong’s Director of Immigration and Secretary for Security before attaining her current position on Hong Kong’s paramount advisory bodies: the Executive Council and Legislative Council. Ip, who also ran for Hong Kong Chief


EXCLUSIVE: $7M PR Firm Supporting CCP-Hong Kong Crackdown Run by Top Advisors to UK Prime Minister AND Labour Party… Organized Saudi Conference Starring Bill Gates

A massive public relations effort is underway in Hong Kong, with the Chinese Communist Party’s puppet leader Carrie Lam recently tossing a $7m contract to ‘Consulum’ – a firm staffed by former, senior British civil servants as well as advisors to the Prime Minister, The National Pulse can exclusively reveal. Consulum – a 7-year-old PR consultancy firm – was recently awarded the £5.6m ($7m) contract for “Relaunch Hong Kong.” The move comes as the Chinese Communist Party launched a brutal crackdown in the region, despite historic efforts by the British government to avoid an authoritarian crackdown. The National Pulse can

WATCH – The Rape of Hong Kong: How The CCP Uses Sexual Violence Against Democracy Protesters

In a must-see video produced by a Hong Kong father of six, and premiered on Steve Bannon’s War Room: Pandemic show, five Hong Kong victims share their trauma and incidences of sexual assault at the hands of CCP armed police allegedly disguised as Hong Kong law enforcement. Elmer Yuen, an ally of the Hong Kong protestors and CEO of Golden Bridge Technology Inc., believes the proposed National Security Law will bring an ethnic cleansing to Hong Kong and implores leaders of the free world to listen and to hold the Chinese Communist Party accountable for their years of brutal abuse.

The End of Hong Kong.

As the pandemic reclaims attention around the world, Beijing has pushed forward on plans to absorb Hong Kong into China, removing what little independence they have left from the mainland.  Since 1997 – when Hong Kong officially reverted to Chinese sovereignty, ending 156 years of British rule – Hong Kong has enjoyed a high degree of autonomy. This applied to everything except matters of foreign relations and defense, due to an agreement signed that ensured the social and economic systems, as well as the lifestyle in Hong Kong, would remain unchanged for 50 years after 1997. China’s latest move, a proposal


Prince Charles’s ’97 Premonition About Hong Kong Activist Arrests Comes True

“Thus we left Hong Kong to her fate and the hope that Martin Lee, the leader of the Democrats, would not be arrested…” So wrote the future monarch of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland – alongside all her territories – Prince Charles. His 1997 diary, as Britain handed control of Hong Kong to China, today goes from concern to eerily correct premonition. Martin Lee, alongside up to 14 others including local opposition media owner Jimmy Lai, was arrested by police today in yet another Chinese regime crackdown against democracy protesters. Lee, 81, has been integral to

Hong Kong ‘Beat’ Coronavirus. But Now – After Easing Restrictions Too Fast – It’s Back.

Hong Kong was a model of how to handle the novel coronavirus. But now it’s coming back. In early March, Time magazine called the region “a lodestar for its ability to seemingly keep the disease at bay”, but the mistake of sending people back to work before the virus was truly dealt with was not far off. In the first week of March, Hong Kong tried to return to a semblance of normality. Their cases have ticked up ever since. The key to their initial successes (see February, above) was the aggressive response: By Feb. 1, Taiwan, Hong Kong and