REPORT: Biden Regime to Dismantle ICE in Alarming Open Borders Push.

The Biden regime is considering dismantling Immigration and Customs Enforcement – responsible for arresting and deporting illegal immigrants – according to reports from the Washington Examiner.  The move “would terminate the jobs of thousands of officers tasked with arresting and deporting immigrants illegally residing in the United States,” according to the outlet. Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas recently introduced the plan that, if implemented, would “do away with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE’s) Enforcement and Removal Operations arm and convert those officers into agents who investigate transnational crime instead of going after illegal immigrants.” The proposal would keep

Teen Vogue Tells Readers to Help ‘Release All Detained Immigrants’, Suggests Working with Soros Groups

Teen Vogue is attempting to turn its young readers into hard-left activists, urging them to assist in the effort to “release all immigrants from detention centers” and “defund systems of oppression.” The outlandishness of the outlet’s “How to Support Immigrants In the U.S. During the Coronavirus Pandemic” article is on par with its “How to Sext” manual, providing readers as young as 11 “the best tips and tricks.” It’s clear: Teen Vogue has ditched covering Prada in favor of becoming Pravda. The outlet implores readers to “support the campaign to #FreeThemAll” by “halting ICE arrests and [to] stop transferring people

The Left Exploits Coronavirus to Open Borders and ‘Abolish ICE’

The left loves exploiting a crisis. Horrific school shooting? “An opportunity to ban guns!” Forest fires in California? “Let’s destroy American industry and pass a Green New Deal!” Coronavirus? “Abolish immigration controls!” The original “Abolish ICE” movement was popularized in by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) when she stood next to a fence of a parking lot and cried for the cameras.  Before @AOC hit the national stage & was just a fairly unknown House candidate frm NYC,she took time awy frm her campaign & came dwn to #Tornillo to protest the #tentcity housing migrant children.I made these previously unpublished fotos