Ilhan Omar Used Campaign Cash to Keep Husband’s Consultancy Firm Afloat

Ilhan Omar’s 2020 congressional campaign is responsible for funding nearly 80 percent of her husband’s consulting firm. Federal Election Commission (FEC) records reveal a sum of $2,918,470.74 being funneled to E Street Group, a D.C.-based consulting firm owned by Omar’s husband Tim Mynett. The sizable sum accounts for over 78% of E Street Group’s total payments between January 2019 and November 2020. Over the course of the 2020 election cycle, the firm was paid $3,742,911.57. And over 52 percent of Omar’s total campaign spend – roughly $5,600,000 in donations – went to E Street Group. “Omar pledged to sever ties

Somali Marxist Ilhan Omar Calls Trump Events ‘Klan Rallies

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) – at a Washington Post Live discussion about the 2020 election and progressive legislative goals for the 117th Congress – described Trump events as “Klan Rallies”. Interviewer Jonathan Capehart, a Washington Post opinion writer, asked “…it’s another thing when that someone is the president of the United States – and he is directly attacking you, by name… how has that felt?”. Omar replied: “On a personal level, I have become accustomed to standing up to bullies, in my life, so on a personal level it has not impacted to me, besides my children being exposed to

WATCH – Cash-For-Ballots Voter Fraud Scheme Linked to Ilhan Omar Supporters, Says Project Veritas

A new video from Project Veritas asserts that Democrat Congresswoman and member of “The Squad” – Ilhan Omar – is named by alleged ballot harvesters who boast of how many unfilled, absentee ballots they have collected. The harvesters repeatedly discuss how “money is king” and details how senior citizens’ ballots are confiscated from them in an alleged mass voting scam. The full video is available to watch on YouTube:    Project Veritas – the investigative journalism outfit led by conservative activist James O’Keefe – released a new video Sunday night, appearing to expose a massive ballot harvesting scheme, with those

Ilhan Omar: Ungrateful Immigrant.

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar says she wants to “dismantle the whole system,” of the United States, including and not limited to the “economy and political systems.” These are the same systems that let Ilhan Omar (D-MN) seek refuge from war torn Somalia and become a sitting U.S. Congresswoman, of course. But never mind that. Fox News’s Tucker Carlson noted of Omar last year: “Ilhan Omar is living proof that they way we practice immigration has become dangerous to this country. A system designed to strengthen America is instead undermining it. Some of the very people we try hardest to help have

Rep. Omar Is Wrong: UN Has No Place at US Southern Border

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) recently made the radical suggestion that the United States allow the United Nations to handle the massive influx of immigrants at our southern border. She stated, “We should do what any other country does by dealing with this situation in a serious way.” So, if every other country allows the UN to bulldoze their way to globalism, we should, too? According to Omar, the United Nations has expertise and training to deal with “migrants and asylum seekers.” Her demand that the United States cede its sovereignty to an unelected, unaccountable global police force is outrageous. But it’s Omar’s (and