I normally skip the ads that play before online videos, but this one caught my attention. It was a clip of Bill Clinton giving a State of the Union address while he was president — and making an incredibly concise and eloquent case against illegal immigration. Based on the rhetoric, one would think one was […]

Country music legend Charlie Daniels isn’t exactly afraid of weighing in on politics. In a relatively unnoticed tweet — Breitbart News first covered it — Daniels argued that, if the Left thinks “sanctuary cities” should be able to defy federal law on immigration, the Right should do the same thing and create pro-life sanctuary cities. How […]

Congratulations, President-elect Trump. Congratulations to the historic, never-before-seen governing majority he assembled. It’s time to hope I was wrong and work for President Trump’s success — for America’s success. Here are my first six takeaways from last night’s historic victory: 1.) The RNC’s “Autopsy” from 2012 got it exactly wrong in arguing the key to […]

We reported earlier this week that Trump would be releasing his first TV commercial today. It’s pretty impressive. Narrator: “In Hillary Clinton’s America, the system stays rigged against Americans. Syrian refugees flood in. Illegal immigrants convicted of committing crimes get to stay, collecting Social Security benefits, skipping the line. Our border open. It’s more of the […]

Recently, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has been attempting to play both sides of the religious freedom debate. In an op-ed for Utah’s Deseret News, Trump wrote, “Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have tried to undermine our religious liberties on the altar of political correctness. They have challenged the rights of businesses and religious institutions to […]

While it appears Utah is Ted Cruz’s to lose today, Arizona presents a unique challenge to his winning a GOP Primary Daily Double.  The weekend polling of likely primary voters Maggie cited showed a few surprises. Prior to this poll, there had been a dearth of new polling, leading many to believe that the race […]

Richard Viguerie’s newsletter just published this hard-hitting attack on John Kasich’s sudden immigration conversion: Ohio Governor John Kasich is, on the other hand, a late public convert to the cause of amnesty for illegal aliens, but he’s doing his best to surpass Rubio as he aims to be the replacement establishment candidate now that Rubio is […]

A slew of new polling is suggesting Marco Rubio’s strategic attacks on Ted Cruz for being insufficiently anti-immigration are a big mistake: Cruz is now leading Donald Trump in Iowa (40 percent to 31 percent, with Rubio lagging at 12 percent), and pulling into a strong (or rather clear) second in South Carolina (38 percent […]

Marco Rubio may have gained backing from the GOP’s biggest pro-same-sex marriage donor, but gay Republicans are increasingly getting behind a different – and surprising – candidate. According to Reuters, Donald Trump has been drawing accolades from the small, but vocal, number of Republicans who would like to see the party liberalize on marriage and other […]

Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are locked in a battle to decide who will emerge as the alternative to Donald Trump. As we noted earlier, Rubio was the first to attack, running ads all but calling Cruz a liar and a national security risk, but Cruz is now counter-punching back, pointing to Rubio’s weak response […]

Yesterday, Russell Moore, president of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, went on CNN to say that Donald Trump’s attacks on the core American value of religious liberty must be opposed by evangelicals: JOHN BERMAN: And, Russell, you are an evangelical, and you disagree with a lot of the tenets of Islam, […]

With 55 days remaining until the first-in-the-nation Iowa caucus begins to help sort out front-runners from also-rans, Senator Marco Rubio has signaled a significant shift in his campaign approach and begun trading paint with the now-surging Senator Ted Cruz. A Sunday, December 6, New York Times piece unpacks the new Rubio strategy, designed to blunt surging Cruz […]

Donald Trump (photo credit: Gage Skidmore)

Outsiders often respond to the critique that they are inexperienced by countering that the silver lining is their freedom from the problems of Washington.  “Sure, I’ve never been elected, but that’s why the people want me – I’m like them, I know what they’re like and what they want.”  That response falls apart for GOP […]

Senator Lindsey Graham aired his frustration with Speaker Paul Ryan yesterday, targeting Ryan’s promise not to push immigration reform until after President Obama leaves office: “Forget about working with Obama, just take up the bill and vote,” said Graham, pointing out that he’s helped craft three different comprehensive immigration reform bills that have passed the […]

In recent weeks we’ve seen increasing attacks on Sen. Marco Rubio from both Donald Trump and Gov. Jeb Bush Trump has called Rubio a “lightweight” and said that he’s weak on illegal immigration, while Gov. Bush has attacked Rubio for missing votes in the Senate. Rubio successfully countered Bush’s claims in the last debate — […]

Yesterday afternoon in Boulder, Colo., the site of tonight’s debate, a group of Latino leaders, including Alfonso Aguilar, Director of American Principle Project’s Latino Partnership and occasional contributor to The Pulse 2016, held a press conference. Aguilar stressed the idea that immigration is a “gateway issue” for the GOP to reach Hispanic voters, Aguilar said: […]

Alfonso Aguilar, the director of APP’s Latino Partnership and occasional contributor to The Pulse 2016, joined Megyn Kelly to talk about this week’s gathering of Latino activists in Boulder, Colo., and how it will shape the Republican primary.  Aguilar called immigration a “gateway issue” for the Latino community and said that while there is a […]

Marco Rubio challenged Donald Trump on Sunday for his position on immigration, saying that Trump is a flip-flopper on the issue who has changed his position over the past six months.  He also targeted Trump’s new position as “absurd”: “His rhetoric is a little louder, but if you think about his position on immigration six […]

I suppose it was inevitable: the anti-immigrant remarks that have come to characterize the campaigns of Donald Trump and Ted Cruz have finally provoked a backlash among Hispanic Republicans.  Next week, nearly two dozen of America’s top Hispanic conservative activists, including The Pulse 2016 contributor Alfonso Aguilar, will gather in Boulder, Colo., where they will have strong […]

While the pope may be back at the Vatican, speculations on how the “Francis Effect” will impact America are still circulating — especially regarding our heated immigration debate. In a recent article, the Guardian notes that Latino activists “have been on a rollercoaster” since 2012.  Their mobilization helped re-elect Obama and prevent the deportation of […]