New LGBT Strategy: Pay Pro-Business Groups to Undermine Conservatives

Over the last few years, a similar sequence of events has become routine whenever state lawmakers try to pass legislation protecting religious liberty or opposing the Left’s gender ideology. First, Democrats, leftist groups and the media immediately come together to vilify the lawmakers in question for daring to oppose the LGBT agenda. And then, invariably, large corporations and business groups release their own statements decrying how such “anti-LGBT” legislation will be bad for the business climate and lead to disastrous economic consequences. The National Pulse has written previously on the hypocrisy of the “Big Business Democrats,” who now partner with the

Ind. Judge: Teenage Girls Have a Right to Abortion Without Parents’ Knowledge

On Wednesday, an Indiana judge sided with Planned Parenthood and the American Civil Liberties Union in a lawsuit making it easier for underage girls to get abortions without their parents’ knowledge. The lawsuit involved three provisions of a new law, Senate Enrolled Act 404, which was set to take effect on July 1 and ensure that parents be informed of their daughters’ medical decisions. On May 18, Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky and the ACLU of Indiana joined forces to sue the state over the provisions which they claimed create “an unconstitutional undue burden on unemancipated minors.” Yesterday, US

The Rise of the Big Business Democrats

There was a time, not long ago, when Democrats commonly accused the Republican Party of being the “Party of Big Business.” Republicans, or so it was claimed, cared more about corporate interests than those of the average voter, while Democrats were supposedly looking out for the little guy. During this election season, however, there has been a substantial — and yet barely noticed — change in Democratic rhetoric. Rather than vilifying big businesses, many Democratic leaders and candidates have started to openly trumpet their high regard for the priorities of the corporate world. Why this sudden change? Because Big Business

Will Mike Pence Defend Religious Liberty at Tonight’s VP Debate?

With 2016’s first and only vice presidential debate set to take place tonight, speculation has been building as to what topics will be covered once Mike Pence and Tim Kaine take the stage. While recent campaign controversies will certainly draw the headlines, it’s possible that some policy areas ignored in the first presidential debate, such as religious liberty, may make an appearance as well. In fact, some on the left, such as the progressive Media Matters for America, are even advocating for debate moderators to query Pence on his religious liberty views, particularly given his involvement in Indiana’s RFRA controversy

Johnson Op-Ed Clarifies One Thing: He Doesn’t Care About Religious Liberty

Gary Johnson has a religious liberty problem. One would think, based on the fact Johnson is running as a Libertarian, that the former New Mexico governor would be especially sensitive to the complexities of the debate over religious liberty. After all, freedom of religion is the first freedom enumerated in the Bill of Rights, so it would appear to be an important one. But Johnson just cannot seem to put forward a thoughtful position on the subject. Earlier this spring, during a Libertarian Party debate, the candidate was pressed on whether he felt a Jewish baker ought to be forced

Democrats Renew Efforts to Push LGBT Agenda in State-Level Races

Democratic candidates for state-level offices across the country think they have found the wedge issue that will win them the election: the LGBT agenda. Newsmax is reporting that Democrats in North Carolina and Indiana are targeting GOP lawmakers in tough campaigns by charging them with “bigotry.” “An unprecedented number of North Carolinians are fed up with Gov. McCrory’s partisan political agenda, and voters are ready for a leader who will put the interests of all North Carolinians first,” North Carolina gubernatorial candidate Roy Cooper, a Democrat, said recently. Cooper has also repeatedly lambasted incumbent Governor Pat McCrory over North Carolina’s